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19 11 2010
Thomas Cross

Nice blog!! i also know a very good site for Freelancer

10 12 2010

Hi. Lisa. Thanks for your “FAQ: How do I cancel my Freelancer account?” It really help for me. Keep Smilling.🙂

21 02 2011

Hi Lisa……!!!!

Thanks for the kind support that you have provided.
It has been a great help to me..

Now that they have closed my account upon my request, what the about the contact details that are with him. ?

Please let me know of any complexities…..?

18 04 2011


29 06 2011

Its ridiculous to have to submit a ticket just to delete your account. I signed up today without first doing my normal research on such sites and now that I’ve read this and other complaints about freelancer I have to submit a ticket to delete????? Well….where there’s a will, there’s a workaround… :b

1 07 2011

Yes, I agree, it would be much better to have a way to delete your account online, but Freelancer don’t always like to make everything easy for you! Be warned – if you just leave your account dormant without deleting it properly, they will charge you a “dormant fee”!

6 09 2011

I couldn’t submit a support ticket to close my account just now – my profile wasn’t complete at GAF, so some hidden fields were empty in the support ticket form, prompting it to tell me that I hadn’t filled in the hidden fields … which I couldn’t see.

I tried updating my profile but the changes didn’t seem to propagate to their support system for whatever reason. As a last resort I used the ‘live support / chat’ feature and the person on the other end was very efficient.

6 09 2011

Good to hear something positive about Freelancer support for a change! Thanks for your comment Sean!

13 11 2011

Hi Lisa, how can I deactivate my account? I’m having the same problem of Sean. Hope you can help me. Thank you so much.

18 11 2011

Hi Jennie, like Sean you will need to contact Freelancer’s customer support I’m afraid. Good luck!

12 01 2012

Hi lisa ,
Sorry ,i want to delete my account in the freelauncer ?.Hope you can help me.i have some problem with that so i kindly requesting you to delete my account.

12 01 2012

Hello, I don’t work for Freelancer so I am unable to delete your account myself. Follow the steps in my blog post, making sure you have withdrawn all if your funds, and have no outstanding projects or bids. If you still find that your account is active (and please be patient, Freelancer are often slow!), you will need to contact Customer Support.

18 01 2012
Jason C.

Hey Lisa,

I wonder if you can help you me out of a little difficulty?

Freelancer’s policy of charging $5 commission fee caught me by surprise and now, I have a deficit in my freelancer account. There’s several questions that need clarification.

1) Would they be a dateline for clearing a deficit account?

2) Would charge a penalty for late payment or failure to clear a deficit account?

Thank you very much for helping me.

18 01 2012

Hello, yes Freelancer does have a time limit, and I believe it is 90 days. However I haven’t been in this situation myself for a little while, so you might want to check. I don’t think there is a monetary penalty, but they will suspend your account.

16 03 2012

I’ve just requested for a third time to delete my account. They continue to pull funds from my Paypal account without my knowledge. I am sure there is something embedded in their Terms & Conditions which state that they are OK. I have now cancelled my billing arrangement with Paypal so hopefully it won’t continue to withdraw funds. I had no idea it would do this and assumed it would ask to deposit before proceeding but their system is automatic.

I have to say the Freelancer UI is pretty terrible and very disappointed in the quality of freelancers on the site and how it all works.

25 03 2012

I completely agree with you Tony. It’s set up to make you make a mistake and everything is the same color and crowded together, so you don’t know what’s what until the third or fourth time around.
Plus, I can’t believe they have the gall to take money out of paypal without even asking permission. I really hate the interface and almost everything to do with it.
It’s driven prices to the floor as well, as employers are starting to demand more and more for less and less financial reward. I don’t know how some of these workers get by.

To cancel your paypal arrangement within freelancer, go to profile > my settings, and I think there is a button there to cancel the ‘arrangement’ (arrangement usually suggests mutual consent….).

25 03 2012

They don’t want to have accounts deleted because the more accounts they have, the bigger the website and business looks.

They’re becoming like paypal where they win whatever the situation.

19 04 2012

Ive had a project done on freelancer, and found this page because i wanted to close my account.
I did not like the site, because my paypal password was automatically stored. This scared the crap out of me.
Also to finish i needed to add 3 USD, and without asking automatically took 10.
I had to disclose my address, which there is absolutely no need for, if I already deposited money.
People may say, that everything is written in the fineprint somewhere – sure, but I have no time to read all that.

20 04 2012

We have closed your account and removed your email from our mailing list. Moreover, we have excluded your account from all the search engines, too. You just need for our site to re-index, so as removal of your personal information from search engines will be. If you wish to reactivate your account, do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for being a part of

We look forward to hear from you again.



22 05 2012

I have a perfect rating on freelancer and now at about 80% project complete and over $650 in my account.. freelancer suspended my account for no apparent reason.. I have an email into them… I would BEWARE using them.. There is very little way to contact them and it looks like you can get screwed VERY easily!

1 07 2012
pan am

thank you very much…..the process to terminate the account is indeed made very difficult by first,the online chat ppl didn’t reply but in the end i was able to terminate my account

18 07 2012

Now that the site has been purchased by someone else my spam emails (from them and from junk pharma places) is up tenfold. DELETE DELETE DELETE

16 09 2012
Shifa Burhan

I got this guy named Thomas S. – he was quick in replying to my query. Anyway, your blog was very helpful. And it’s too bad that the account cancellation process is so difficult. Freelancer never worked for me. Even though I managed to grab some projects, they were totally opposite to what was depicted by their category. So, that was really disappointing. Besides, some of the clients were too lazy to respond and they wouldn’t award the project to anyone even after the project expired. So, that was a waste of bids and time. I think the clients should be forced to reject the people right away, if they don’t meet their requirements. The clients make everyone wait for an infinite period.

18 09 2012

Is it safe to provide govt. issued IDs to freelancer?

16 10 2012

Thank you Lisa for your post, I found it useful. Especially that you mentioned the dormant fee (about which I didn’t know).
Yes, Freelancer sucks. Me too I have only bad experience with that. Just like Shifa. After bidding for several projects, they just simply expired and no one was awarded the project. I was really pissed off, since I spent long hours waiting for something which dind’t happen in the end and even spent several dollars for highlighting my bids.
Second thing is, that when I wanted to withdraw my balance (less then 30 USD), I couldn’t. Even when I deposited small amount of money in order to reach that 30 USD.
So I decided to submit my ticket with request to terminate my account and can’t wait for it to happen.

6 11 2012

Thanks Lisa for a great article of this issue. And thanks for anybody who shared their opinions about that company. Freelancer’s policy of charging money without permission is really scary and questionable for a big company like this. I submitted a ticket to close my account today, hope it goes well.

5 12 2012
Scott (@ZeaksBlog)

Worse experience I’ve ever had was with freelancer. I was originally using vWorker for some projects and my last one was frozen while they transferred users to freelancer.
No email, no notifications or anything, just account locked until the process was finished, even missed the time frame date.

Freelancer is the most confusing website I think I’ve ever used, full of popups asking you to deposit more funds, everything you click seems to want you to add more money. After I paid my worker for an incomplete project, I get a bill from freelancer for something that put me in the negative. I’m guessing it’s some sort of service fee.

I advise anyone seeking help with a project to go elsewhere, freelancer is a joke. I’ve yet to find a worker that was able to complete a project from there.

1 01 2013

I agree. It is a joke. Even when playing by the rules it’s so easy to get scammed because they give you absolutely no control over your account. At any point in time, they can just suspend your account for “verification”, even if there’s money in the account. I can’t access my money right now because I stopped an unauthorized payment that they tried to take from my PayPal account. I’m still waiting for my ticket come in. I’ve already emailed Freelancer support, but I’ve gotten no meaningful replies from any of their customer service. That was my hard earned money that they took! Even with honest employers that I found who would pay me fairly, the site itself robbed me! More of my story can be found at

23 05 2013

Freelancer is a total scum… VWorker was much better, I lost all my customer after migration into Freelancer, that ask you money for any small thing…
I totally agree with Scott and Inkthirsty

24 05 2013

Freelancer is a joke. Very unprofessional agents on the chat. I signed up to have a project done. During the signup process that was no mention of a membership fee. To my surprise when I was notified by PayPal for the charge. I had hard time with the agent to cancel my account.

29 08 2013

After reading all the comments above. I feel a bit skeptical going into freelancing for some cash. Are there any freelancing websites out there with positive reviews?

29 08 2013

Every freelance bidding site that I have come across should be approached with caution, but if you are careful, there is no reason why you can’t pick up some decent paid work. But, here’s the thing: you don’t HAVE to use these sites to find work! Although I admit that helped me at the beginning to gain some experience, it was more often than not badly paid and involved headaches. I have been far more successful with good old self-promotion: having a website, writing articles and sending them to prospective publishers, making phone calls, knocking on doors, word of mouth referrals, etc etc – old fashioned hard graft. If you want to be a success at something, I think you need to be prepared to work hard for it, and sites like (etc) can make you think that freelancing is easier than it really is.

30 08 2013

Thank you for your feedback and experience in this matter Lisa.

26 09 2013

Hi Lisa, This is really helpful. I joined Freelancer today because I wanted to work on articles and hone my skills, Unfortunately, I was “hired” by some guy and I am unable to reject it. and for some reason I have negative balance. I want to quit this site right away, but like you mentioned above, unless I make deposits I cannot close the account.😦 I am really sad right now as I just want to close it and never check it again!

30 09 2013

Hi, yes, when you accept a project, Freelancer takes their fee from your account straight away. Is there any particular reason why you do not wish to continue the project? Is it a scam or did you just change your mind? I don’t know if it will work, but if you think the project is a scam or that the hirer is breaking any rules, you *might* be able to convince Freelancer to refund your money if you explain to their customer support what is wrong. Not making any promises!!
Other than that, if you wish to close your account, you will probably need to deposit or earn funds to bring your balance back to zero and then request account closure.

29 09 2013

Thanks for the informative article! Though Freelancer has “closed my account,” my projects and ratings still show up in search engines. Any way to get all my info removed?

30 09 2013

Hmm, good question but I’m not sure I’m afraid. The best thing to do would be to take a deep calming breath and contact Freelancer’s customer support.

10 10 2013

HI Lisa..
Thanks for your useful and important information about freelance. Today I checked my bank account and they (freelancer) had taken some money from my account.. So I want to close my freelancer account. I have a question for you. If I withdraw all my money and ask them to close my freelancer account. Is it possible they can put my bank account in negative?

28 10 2013

Hi Lisa,
I’ve got a question. I, like apparently so many others, want to close my account. After a few e-mails, I was informed that, as I have a Free Membership Plan, I do not have to close my account and won’t incure membership charges. Is it really so? Thank you very much.

29 10 2013

Hi Tiago, interesting question – although you won’t have any monthly membership charges deducted, I was pretty sure Freelancer charges a dormant account fee. I looked this up on their website, and yes, here’s what they say: “User Accounts that have not logged in for 12 months will incur a dormant account fee of up to £10.00 GBP per month until either the account is terminated or reactivated for storage, bandwidth, support and management costs of providing hosting of the user’s profile, portfolio storage, listing in directories, provision of the HireMe service, file storage, message storage. These fees will be refunded upon request by users on subsequent reactivation.”
Note that the fee stated here is for the UK site (my home country) so it may be different where you are.
If the information on Freelancer’s website is accurate (and we can only assume it is), then if you no longer want to use your Freelancer account, I would make sure it is formally closed to avoid these charges!

29 10 2013

Hi Lisa,
thank you for your answer.
I put this question, and I was answered that these fees (10 dollars per month, after not having logged in for 12 months) are only paid by freelancers who have founds. As I have a Free Membership Plan, this point is not for me. What should I do, in your opinon? Once aganin, thank you very much.

28 11 2013

does this apply for free accounts?

28 11 2013

There is nothing on the Freelancer website to say that the dormancy fee *doesn’t* apply to free accounts, but I have never left my account inactive for more than 12 months so I cannot be sure. If you don’t want to use Freelancer anymore, I would suggest to close your account anyway. You can always open an account again at some time in the future if you want to (although I guess you would lose any feedback you have received and would have to start from scratch).

28 11 2013

hi Lisa they aren’t replying how do I get them to reply! please help

28 11 2013

Freelancer are notoriously slow to respond to queries so my advice is to simply wait, or send another mail. You can email or open a ticket via the support area on the website.
Having said that, I asked a question a few days ago and they replied within a few hours. I guess it depends how busy they are.

28 11 2013

ok thank you

28 11 2013

are there charges for deleting an account like ten dollars or something

28 11 2013

I don’t think so. But you will probably need to withdraw all your funds before you cancel.

29 11 2013

if I havent given them my credit card details then how can they charge me for the dormant fee

29 11 2013

oh and they Still haven’t replied to any of my tickets

11 01 2014

I wish I saw the countless complaints before I signed up on My account was limited for no reason, now they are asking me to upload my ID and a photo of me holding the code. I’m glad I haven’t earned any money with them and I canceled account’s connection with Paypal so I hope it’s ok.

I asked them to delete my account but they said I have to upload my ID first. Of course I won’t do it, how strange is that they are asking this, what will they need it for???

I would like to add my voice to everyone saying STAY AWAY FROM FREELANCER.COM !

18 01 2014

If I did not give any details just e-mail address, do you think the the team cancel my account?
Please write your opinion.
Thank you!

19 01 2014

If you are still able to log into your account, then it has not been closed. As before – be patient and try again if you don’t hear anything after two weeks.

17 01 2014

Hi Lisa!

Please help me! I registered 2 days ago and I don’t fill my profile and I submit very much ticket, but they aren’t cancelled my profile.
What can I do?
Please help me!
Thank you!

19 01 2014

Be patient – are notorious for being very slow to respond to queries, especially account deletion requests! If they still haven’t got back to you after two weeks, try again. If you don’t seem to be getting anywhere by submitting a ticket, try emailing instead.

20 01 2014

Thank you very much your helping Lisa! I am very grateful to you! I wish have a nice day!

24 01 2014

Hi Lisa, thanks for the useful insights.

I created my account just now but regret it after I read the long list of fees that they will charge us. It’s just complicated and put us on a hard situation instead of helping.

I haven’t fill my PayPal or credit card details just yet. Will I be charged for the dormant fee as well? I’m planning of put my account on idle and never come back again.


24 01 2014

Hi Robbie, I think if you just have a free account, then you won’t be charged any dormant fees – but i’m not sure. If you want to keep your account open, just in case you want to use it, then you could do as I do, which is to bid on a project that I know I won’t get, every now and again.

24 02 2014

Dear Lisa,
thank you for your useful blog. Can you ask to if it is possible to close an account with money in it?
Thank you very much.

24 02 2014

PS. I would appreciate it very much. Besides, there are many people asking the same question here, so it would be useful to all of them if you find out this information.
Thank you very much again.

24 02 2014

Thank you again.

3 03 2014
Follow up to “How do I delete my Freelancer Account?” | Lisa A. Martin - Freelance science copywriter/editor

[…] few years ago, I wrote this blog post with advice on how to close your Freelancer account. Until now, I had never had the need to follow […]

12 07 2014

I’ve been having horrible experience with I contacted them to deactivate my account several times and their response is ‘we wish you to keep your account for use in the future,’ no matter how many times I told them I don’t want to keep the account. I wonder if they do this to all account deactivation requests. It’s very frustrating.

12 07 2014

Huh, that’s weird! Freelancer *is* very proud of its million gazilion membership count, even though I suspect most of those members to be fakes, duplicates or inactive accounts! I’m not sure what to advise, other than Freelancer has no right not to honour your request to be removed from their site. When I tried to delete my (accidentally) duplicated account, I had to read the small print to make sure that it was actualy closed. You can read about this here: Not sure if it helps, but I can only advise you to keep trying and make absolutely clear that you want your account to be permanently closed. They MUST honour your request.

25 08 2014

Hi there! If you don’t want to be charged by Freelancer again, you should try to follow the simple steps that this site advises. I got my Paypal free from any recurring fees from this shady scam of Freelancer from this website:
As of right now, Freelancer’s Live Chat support is just giving me a “The Tier-2 Support Team will assist your cancellation via email” reply and just gave me a ticket number. At least on my end, I won’t be charged again for next month with a service that is inefficient and won’t even land you a legit job or project!

26 08 2014

Thanks for this! Of course, there is always the free Freelancer account option – it means if you do win projects you will have to pay a higher commission fee, but there are no subscription charges. This is the kind of account I have, though I never use it anymore I keep it open so I can check up on the latest scams for my blog!

26 08 2014

I think I have signed up for the FREE TRIAL but forgot to cancel it and I didlink my PayPal to that account so.. X___x’. Anyhow, at least now, I know how to protect myself from sites like this! But still, very expensive lesson learned!

26 08 2014

Ah I see. The ‘free trial’ is a trial for the paid subscription, so if you don’t cancel at the end of the term then you will be charged the monthly membership fee. There is also the ‘basic’ account option, which doesn’t cost anything, but as I mentioned you do pay higher commission fees with this option.

14 12 2014
Petula Glave

Please cancel my subscription.

14 12 2014

Hi Petula, do you want to cancel your subscription to or to my website? I can’t help you with either I’m afraid. To cancel your Freelancer account you need to contact them directly (I do not work for Freelancer). If you want to unsubscribe from my website you need to click the unsubscribe link in an email or manage your WordPress subscription from your dashboard.

31 07 2015

Please help me. I could not find the page
I really want to get rid of the freelancer website
They charge me every month

2 08 2015

Read here to find out how to downgrade your account to a free option: Or, if you want to close your account completely, read here:

19 08 2015

Freelancer – WHAT A SCAM! – i never signed up for a monthly subscription and they just started charging me!

19 08 2015

Did you sign up for a free trial of an upgraded membership? If you do that and don’t cancel before the month is over then they assume you want to continue with the membership plan and start charging you.

25 01 2016

Hi. I want to share with you that I did cancel my account directly from the website! You have to go to your profile (the icon on the top right), then settings, then close account. and again close account. I took long time to find it. the site is tricky and they make these things hard.

6 03 2016

Yes, since I wrote this blog post, Freelancer has added the ability to close your account directly from the website. Thank you for raising this.

25 02 2016

Hi, lisa, a very nice discussion I found from your blog. Still I have one query, I register for a free membership account.
I am not getting anything from freelancer as an earning. And I am not provided any credit card or net banking details then how this person going to charge me if I continue with same membership.
Also is it safe to stay with freelancer account (Free membership account) without responding to any task?

6 03 2016

If you have a free account, and have not provided any payment details to Freelancer, then there is no way they can take any money from you. If you do not log into your account for 6 months or more, they will deduct a monthly “maintenance fee” (for UK-based users this is £10 per month) from your account, but if they don’t have any bank details, there’s no way they can actually collect this fee. However, they could, if they wanted to, sue you for non-payment. If you want to leave your account open but not bid on anything, that is OK, just make sure you log into the account at least once every 6 months. If you don’t think you will ever use Freelancer again, then I would recommend to close your account.

11 04 2016


I want to remove credit card details from my freelancer account.

I have used my friend’s credit card once. Now, he wants to remove this credit card and no longer ready to give me.

I want to remove his credit card details from my account such that, he can get assurance about that card will not be used again.

I am not able to see any option to remove card details. Can you able to help me through?

11 04 2016

I’m sorry, I don’t know. You will have to raise a support ticket with and ask them to help you.

15 04 2016
Sadaram prajapat

I want to cancel my freelancer order

23 04 2016

You will have to do this via the Freelancer website.

5 05 2016

My account got limited for no reason and I really want to terminate my account. I have had enough of this website, however they are not letting me due to the limitation. I removed the connection with my paypal account, and the only detail that I cannot remove is my phone number. If I just ignore the website and never log in again, will they be able to contact me since my phone number is there? Or is there a way I can remove the number? Thanks

6 05 2016

Hi, there usually *is* a reason why your account has been suspended, even if you didn’t realise that you did something against the terms and conditions of the site. I cannot help with specific, individual problems on this website, so you should try contacting Freelancer via their support system, or maybe try their Facebook page. I do know that you will not be able to close your account if you have a negative account balance. If you leave your account inactive for a period of time, Freelancer may charge you a fee, but I don’t think they can physically take money from your bank or Paypal account if they do not hold these details for you – more than likely they will just debit your online freelancer account so that if you did use it again, you’d have to clear the debt from any future project earnings. I suppose it is possible that they may contact you by phone, but I haven’t heard of any cases where this has ever happened.

7 07 2016
Elmer Sabarillo

My question is if you abandon your account will it stop charging you from your paypal or credit card monthly?

14 07 2016

If you abandon your account but leave it ‘live’, Freelancer apparently charges you a ‘dormancy fee’. As far as I can tell this is deducted from your Freelancer account balance. As long as your PayPal or other payment accounts are not connected to your Freelancer account, then I guess your balance will just more and more negative, but Freelancer won’t actually be able to take any money from you. Don’t quote me on that though!!

23 08 2016

I’m new to Freelancer website so I wasn’t aware that this website is so troublesome and sneaky until I linked my credit card as the payment method and it immediately charges me a fee that wasn’t even told beforehand, and was told that the fee that it charges is for authentication purposes after flipping through the frigging website.

So now I hope to get the refund back from the charges they made without further proceeding to authenticate my credit card which they expects you to do so.

The website claims that it will refund back the charges that was made within 3 working days whether the user has authenticated his/her credit card or not. However, when I found out that I was charged by the website, I also immediately took down my credit card information in the Freelancer payment method section and requested the bank to block any further transaction done by them and requested for a new card.

So I’m wondering .. if the charges will still get refunded back to my bank account after the 3 working days which they claims they will. Lastly, should I also immediately close my Freelancer account ? Or should I wait till the 3 working days has passed before closing my Freelancer account?

I srsly cant stand this bullshit website that charges ppl without even letting ppl know in advance/asking for permission. Hope to get a reply from you soon. Thanks!

23 08 2016

I’m afraid I haven’t used Freelancer for such a long time, I don’t know anything about a charge for card authentication. I think it’s quite normal though! PayPal has a similar process whereby they take a small amount from your account, then you have to quote the code that appears on your bank statement to authenticate your card, and then they refund the fee back to you (it’s £0.01-1.00). According to this article: it seems it is your choice to authenticate a linked card, and the process (including the charge and the refund process) seems very clear to me. In fact to complete the authentication process you have to tell Freelancer how much money they took from your account, so I’m not sure why this was such a surprise to you…unless I have misunderstood what you were trying to do??
I don’t know if you will get the authentication charge back – if you have instructed your card provider to block any further transactions from Freelancer then it may also block the refund?! I’m not sure why you did that…Wait 3 days (88 hours according to the above article) and if you have not received your money back by the 4th day then raise a ticket with Freelancer support. You will need to keep your account open to access this. Once everything is sorted then you can close your account.

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