Follow up to “How do I delete my Freelancer Account?”

3 03 2014

A few years ago, I wrote this blog post with advice on how to close your Freelancer account. Until now, I had never had the need to follow my own steps, but I recently discovered that I had in fact committed the cardinal Freelancer sin of having two accounts – oops!

It seems that at some point in the past I had set up another Freelancer account with a different username. If I recall correctly, my intention at the time was simply to close my “missylisa153” account (because I hate that username – it’s a relic from my very first email address at the age of 15!) and replace it with an account with a more grown-up sounding username. 

As it turns out, I didn’t close my original account because I didn’t want to lose the record of my positive feedback, and I didn’t ever start using the new one. In fact I forgot all about it. [Funny story: I only rediscovered the second account when, on the hunt for more fake freelancers, I googled myself to see if anyone had stolen my identity. When I first saw my second Freelancer profile, I jumped to the conclusion that it must have been faked…but then I realised that I could log in with my own email address and password so it must have been mine all along!! Ooops…]

I digress. The point of this blog post is to issue a warning: if you have requested Freelancer to close your account, please check that it is actually closed

I followed my own advice (from this post here) and submitted a ticket to Freelancer’s support desk. It took them THREE WEEKS to get back to me. When a support agent did eventually get back to me, the email said this: 

Hello Lisa,

My name is Will and I am here to help you about your account cancellation request and hear out your feedback.

It is unfortunate to hear that you would like to close your account. If there is anything that we can do to improve the site or our services, we would appreciate your feedback. offers a lot of opportunities both for employers and freelancers. If you need any clarification regarding how works, I will be more than happy to elaborate on it for you.

I look forward to your kind response.

Now, I am super busy right now and must admit that I didn’t read this email properly. I assumed that Will’s email was an acknowledgement that my account had been closed. Instead, it was a vaguely-worded request for feedback so that they could have the opportunity to change my mind. Furthermore, the ticket I had opened to request the account closure had been CLOSED as if it had been resolved. 

Logging back into the account that I thought I’d closed, I reopened the ticket and gave them this feedback: CLOSE MY ACCOUNT!

They did so within a couple of days. 

Beware Freelancers, if you have requested account closure, please check that your request has been honoured. 




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3 03 2014
FAQ: How do I cancel my Freelancer account? | Lisa A. Martin - Freelance science copywriter/editor

[…] EDIT 3rd MARCH 2014: For an interesting follow-up to this post, please click here! […]

7 10 2015

That’s the way to do it all by yourself:

Downgrade your Plus Membership Plan first to avoid having it renewed by following these steps:

1. Log in to your account.
2. Mouse over the Profile menu.
3. Select Upgrade Membership.
4. Select the Downgrade button located on the Free Membership column.

Once done, you can close your account on your end by following these steps:

1. Log in to your account.
2. Mouse over the Profile menu.
3. Select Settings.
4. Select Account Settings.
5. Click on the Close My Account button.
6. Click on the Save Settings button.

Hopefully this works for whoever needs to delete their account quickly.
All the best

7 10 2015

My original post is quite old now, so thank you for the update! 🙂

22 05 2014

I received exactly the same email as you. Here’s my reply:
Hello Will,

How pleasant it is to know that you are interested in hearing my feedback! Indeed, it is a very sad day to know I am leaving while there are other members inside and still others joining.
Unfortunately, I do not have any use of the website nor do I need any clarification regarding how works. Please do terminate my account.

I look forward to good news on your next kind response.

I sent a second ticket, “CLOSE MY ACCOUNT!” after reading this post.

11 07 2014

where can i find that Will? Becouse i can’t close my account. please help me

11 07 2014

You need to make sure your account balance is at 0 then submit a support ticket stating that you wish to close your account. Freelancer will honour your request, but don’t expect them to respond quickly! If they haven’t got back to you in 2-3 weeks, use the live chat feature to follow it up, or submit another ticket.

16 07 2014
I'm good, I'm gone

The real problem with is that reliable freelancers are embarrassed by the conditions, like the fear of taken away payments even those claimed as “guaranteed”, leaving the freelancers with no refunds and even worse: with fees to pay for that! So it’s more a site from scammers to scammers. Birds of a feather flock together.

16 07 2014

I think you might be right. I never use anymore because the only projects listed there are scams or shams, and the freelancers who bid on these projects are also scammers or frauds! I’ll leave them to rip each other off! I have far more success these days from word-of-mouth recommendations and this website anyway!

6 03 2016
Trang Luu

I just started using and found out it is not for me so I want to close the account. Problem is the first project I bid was a scam – it’s worth 30,000 dollars and now they are charging me 3000! And as I said it was a scam, the “employer” disappeared after awarding me the project! Of course I am not going to pay that 3000 for nothing but if I just leave the account with that negative balance would they be able to charge me for it? Really worried and hope to receive some good advice. Thanks.

6 03 2016

*Bangs head against brick wall* You’ve learned the hard way that many people using Freelancer (or indeed the internet!) are not what they seem! It is also very unrealistic to expect your very first awarded project to pay you $30K! Have you reported the user in question?
Regardless, if you haven’t provided any Freelancer with any bank or payment details, then there is no way they can physically collect the money from you – your account will just stay in a negative balance. If you wanted to use Freelancer again in the future, this would mean that any future earnings would be used to pay back the negative balance.
If you’re sure you’re never going to use Freelancer again, then you’ll probably be OK to just leave your account alone. There is a possibility that Freelancer could start legal proceedings to collect the money from you, but I very much doubt they would bother doing that.
If you think you might want to use Freelancer again then you’ll either have to pay the $3000 back, or earn at least $3000 to clear the negative balance, or try your hardest to get Freelancer to clear the debt. Their official line is that they do not issue refunds for project fees, but it is always worth explaining the situation to them. If they realise that you’re never going to pay them the $3000 dollars back, and that you’re not going to use the site again because of this bad experience, then in theory they have nothing to lose by issuing a refund.

7 08 2016

I recently closed my account for freelancer and I would like to reopen it.I tried to sign up for a new one and it wasn’t accepting my information to start a new account, How can I start a new account ?

7 08 2016

I don’t know why you’re not able to open another account – that’s a question for Freelancer. Why did you close your account in the first place? But more to the point, why do you want to reopen an account??! There are plenty of alternative websites to freelancer – oDesk or People Per Hour for example. Or why don’t you try the old fashioned way, which I have found much more success with: networking, sending out your resume to people you want to work with, setting up your own portfolio website, joining and interacting with relevant groups on LinkedIn, etc etc etc. Maybe i’ll write a blog post one day about how to be a proper freelancer without Freelancer.

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