why do i need to hire a freelance writer?

  • Not everyone is gifted in the art of being able to write well. First impressions count for a lot, so don’t ruin your prospects with dull, uninteresting, error-riddled text – let a professional freelance copywriter like me handle it!
  • Writing for your business takes precious time away from actually running your business – outsource your blogging, website content, email marketing, social media updates and more to a freelance copywriter like me who has the time and skills.
  • You know your product or service well – sometimes too well. Hiring a freelance copywriter can inject creativity and fresh thinking into your business.

science writing is my favourite

I am a skilled writer for all kinds of business and marketing subjects, but I’m particularly interested in science communications projects. I have plenty of writing and communications experience in life and social sciences topics including biology, biochemistry, medicine, ecology, the environment, psychology, and more.

Having worked extensively with plant scientists, horticulturalists, soil and agriculture scientists, I have carved a little niche for myself in the world of plant science, so plant-based projects are particularly welcome!

Contact me for more information about how I can help you and to request a quote!

One more thing…

Please note that while I am more than happy to edit academic manuscripts and student assignments, I do NOT write them from scratch or rewrite other people’s work. Read my blog post here to find out why.

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