James Kelly Photography

31 08 2010

In my most recent collaboration with Kaus Design Studio, James Kelly Photography is the next copywriting project to go live. James didn’t want me to write that he’s creative and talented on his website as he didn’t want to sound too “up himself” 😉 , but it’s completely true. James has taken some stunning photographs and Kaus have done a great job in showcasing them to their maximum impact and potential. The copy I created for this site is very much secondary to the beautiful images, but written in the first person, I hope that it captures some of James’s personality and convinces prospective clients to look beyond the website and seek James’s professional services.

Ugly Betty forced to aim for Average Joe

27 08 2010

In my latest foray into the world of PR for the BioMed Central Press Office, this sweetly tragic little PR tells of research into the sexual selection behaviours of the humble house sparrow. Whereas many little girls dream of one day meeting their Prince Charming or being swept off their feet by a knight in the proverbial shining armour, the common house sparrow is apparently none too fussed, unless they happen to be a bit of a minger.

“Good quality” female house sparrows allegedly have no preference for the quality of males they mate with – in this version of survival of the fittest, as long as you’re the fittest bird in the ‘hood, it doesn’t matter what your man looks like! But according to this research from the Konrad Lorenz Institute for Ethology in Vienna, ugly female house sparrows don’t go getting ideas above their station – they’re happy to go for the attractive males as apparently, what they lack in good looks, they make up for in fatherhood skills. Ahhh…

Read the press release at EurekAlert: Ugly Betty forced to aim for Average Joe

Read the original article at BMC Evolutionary Biology: Only females in poor condition display a clear preference and prefer males with an average badge

Here’s some of the media sources that picked up on the story:

Sad mothers have small babies

26 08 2010

This press release that I wrote for BMC Public Health publicises research carried out in Bangladesh that finds it is not poverty, socieconomic status or nutrition levels that most contribute to the birth of underweight babies, but depression and other mental health issues in the mothers. This is the first time this result has been found in a non-Western country and provides an interesting insight into the role of mental health on physical health and child development, even in a country where, arguably, there are many other confounding factors that could be blamed for low birthweight.

Read the press release at EurekAlert: http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2010-08/bc-smh082410.php

Read the full articles at BMC Public Health: Low birth weight in offspring of women with depressive and anxiety symptoms during pregnancy: results from a population based study in Bangladesh

And some of the media sources that picked up the story:

Org50.com – Portfolio Site of Web Developer Andras Szabo

25 08 2010

It’s always nice to help a fellow freelancer out, so when Andras Szabo (Twitter: @nomoreconfig), a talented web developer from Budapest, approached me via Freelancer.com to help him write the copy for his portfolio site, I was only too pleased to help.

Andras specialises in creating interactive websites with original layouts, cool apps and funky features. As a result, I kept the copy short, snappy and lighthearted, incorporating elements of Andras’s friendly personality, while retaining the purpose of the site – to show that Andras is great at what he does and is a super-professional freelancer.

A Cure for HIV could be all in the “Mix”

23 08 2010

A press release that I recently wrote for BioMed Central describing a potential new lead in the quest to cure HIV has now been released. The study, published in the open access journal AIDS Research and Therapy, describes successful experiments carried out by researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to eradicate HIV from cultured cells. Rather than trying to remove integrated HIV genes from human DNA, the team have discovered that by effectively “over-infecting” cells with HIV, with the help of a mixture of peptides dubbed “Mix”, programmed cell death is induced due to genomic instability. Though this is clearly a very early stage of investigation, the findings suggest an exciting new approach towards discovering a cure for this devastating disease.

Read the press release at Eureka: A Cure for HIV could be all in the Mix

Read press articles based on this release:

  • The Independent
  • EScienceNews.com
  • PhysOrg.com
  • ScienceDaily
  • Medical News Today

  • Alefba Right-to-Left Web Design

    22 08 2010

    Here’s my latest live copywriting project – a web design company who specialise in creating websites that are optimised for Middle Eastern languages reading from right-to-left (RTL), particularly Arabic, Persian and Dari. Based in the United States, Alefba target their services towards English-speaking companies who want to reach out to speakers of RTL languages and have worked with a number of not-for-profit and governmental organisations. They also offer translation and specialist publishing services as well as custom graphic design using RTL scripts and logotypes. I’ve written copy for a number of web design and development companys, but the specialist nature of Alefba’s services made this a particularly interesting project.
    The brief here was to write informative and professional copy targeted to a niche market. I’ve kept the style simple and relaxed – not too wordy or overly descriptive – and have made use of bold headlines and bullet points to catch the eye and sell the key services.

    Freelancer, fo’ shizzle

    17 08 2010

    Much in the spirit of Freakcycle, one of my favourite blogs that posts hilarious requests advertised on the popular exchange network Freecycle, I came across a job listing on Freelancer today that made me LOL so much that I have decided to share it with you. Most of the time, I LMAO about the cheek of obvious scammers, spammers and shammers, but this time the listing seems to be a genuine, albeit unusual and comical request. Who knows, this may become a regular “Freaklancer” feature! Anyway, here’s the ad…

    need pimp voice over job (you must be a PIMP)

    need a character for a pimp website. so i’m searching for all the pimps out there… if you kinda sound like snoop dog that’d be great. not sure what a pimp sounds like but maybe we’ll find one.

    just need a paragraph read…. (like a pimp)


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