Project update

22 02 2010

Just a little update on my current projects…

I’m happy to say i’m being kept pretty busy by Chris at Media Netrix and his cosmetic surgery copywriting project. I’ve so far notched up 15 articles about breast augmentation for women and male breast reduction and am now working on a set of “blog post” style articles, which is bringing out my creative side. I’m really enjoying it – it’s a really interesting topic, from both a medical and psychological point of view and thanks to my institutional access to SpringerLink, cosmetic surgery has been easy and fun to research.

I’m learning more and more about the procedures involved and have been especially interested by the male side of things – cosmetic surgery for men doesn’t get talked about very often, but it’s clear that the desire to have a perfect body shape can deeply affect men too, and there is a growing trend for men to go under the knife for cosmetic reasons. Did you know that “man boobs” are most often caused by gynaecomastia – a hormonal imbalance during puberty? It affects approximately 60% of men at some time in their lives!

As well as writing about boobs, I’m also planning a new article for Our Green Earth as I promised Tom a couple of freebies in the New Year and it’s nearly March already!



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