Field Vegetables Review – by me!

10 09 2013

IMG_0480‘Field Vegetables Review’ might not sound like the glitziest publication in the world, but if you’re a vegetable grower in the UK who pays a levy to the Horticultural Development Company (HDC), then it’s one of the most important magazines of the year.

This annual mag provides an overview of all the research projects that HDC has funded in the last year. Not only that, but it reviews events, studentships and fellowships that HDC has supported, and gives a round up of successes in securing Extensions of Authorisation for Minor Uses (EAMU) – vital ‘off label’ approvals that allow growers to make best use of an ever dwindling range of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. The magazine helps levy-payers to not only see how their levy is being spent, but it also helps to share best practice within the horticulture sector so that UK veg growers can stay up to date with the latest developments in growing methods, technologies and crop protection measures.

So why am I am banging on about Field Veg Review? Because, my friends, the latest edition (pictured left) was mostly written by yours truly – I’m a published author!

Look! There! My name in print! In a real magazine!

Look! There! My name in print! In a real magazine!

Field Veg Review was my major project while I filled in for one of the Knowledge Transfer Managers who was seconded to Defra for three months. I can’t take credit for the whole publication; while it’s true that I wrote the majority of the magazine’s text, the rest was left in the capable hands of my returning colleague and the editor, while of course the researchers who completed the projects in the first place deserve much respect! Nevertheless, after having spent cumulative hours poring over project reports and writing succinct and informative summaries, project managing the pre-production process, liaising with authors for their review, collating suitable images and obtaining quotes from industry experts, it’s certainly very satisfying to see my name in print!

method5 software development

8 03 2011

method5 software developmentmethod5 is a Toronto-based software development company with a knack for creating web applications and iPhone apps. They came to me after posting an ad on and were impressed with the experience I’ve had of copywriting in this field (see the copy I’ve written for similar web design and development firms Moorhead Marketing, Pixel Designer, Kaus Design Studio and

method5 wanted fresh copy for their clean, new site and to “get the message across” simply, without too much jargon, and in a cool, quirky style. I’ve mixed bold type and catchy headers with friendly-sounding, informative text that doesn’t take itself too seriously, yet still shows that method5 know what they’re talking about. Since I couldn’t get the phrase, “there’s method in our madness” out of my head while writing this site, I’ve thrown in a few Madness song titles too. I’m not sure if Canadians are that big into two-tone, but method5 seemed to like it!

Losing your teeth linked to losing your mind

2 02 2011

A press release I recently wrote for BioMed Central’s open access journal Behavioral and Brain Functions has again hit the newstands. I can’t find an online archive of the original release I wrote, but some lazy journos have reproduced it verbatim, so I definitely know it’s mine!

The release describes a study from the Nara Medical University in Japan whereby elderly people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease were found to lose more teeth than those without the degenerative neurological disorder. Not only is this tooth loss associated with failing to remember to brush one’s teeth and a general poor state of hygiene, but gum disease may in fact accelerate dementia by affecting the sensory neurones in the gums, leading to the brain.

Read the original article in Behavioural and Brain Functions: Relationship of tooth loss to mild memory impairment and cognitive impairment: findings from the fujiwara-kyo study

Read some of the news articles using this press release:

Happy birthday to me!

6 11 2010

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me!

Actually, it’s not *my* birthday (that was in September – remember that next year! :)), rather it’s my blog’s 1st anniversary and hopefully, by the end of today I will have had 10,000 site hits!! In the grand scheme of things I guess 10,000 hits isn’t a huge number, but I don’t think it’s too bad considering I have made almost zero effort to market my blog other than posting the odd link on Twitter or to my friends on Facebook!

I decided to start a blog this time last year because my boyfriend had started one (his blog’s here, by the way) and I was not to be outdone. Well that was part of the reason. Having tentatively just started out on my adventures in freelancing I figured blogging would be a good way to get some writing practice in, and if – IF – I should ever get anything published, I could build up a kind of portfolio. Check my portfolio now! I owe a lot of site traffic to my posts about, but hopefully some of you read my other stuff too. If not, please do have a look!

Though I now work full time for BioMed Central, I run Lisa Martin Freelance around this job and am available for all kinds of writing and editing projects. My main area of interest is biomedical science, and I particularly enjoy writing scientific press releases, scientific articles and web copy, copyediting and proof reading scientific research manuscripts, theses and dissertations. However I am also a great writer and editor for all kinds of subjects and it would be my pleasure to help you with copywriting, copyediting, proof reading, press release and blurb writing, and even writing résumés. At the moment I’m writing copy for an online marketing company and a debt collection firm, blogging at LogoBee and Ecolicious Foods (as well as here, of course!), writing press releases, moderating the BMC Blog and co-editing BioMed Central’s staff magazine, as well as other projects that happen to come my way. I’m certainly busy, but I love what I do, so if it sounds like I can help you in any way, please do get in touch! 🙂

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