I Like Your Design

6 12 2010

For my second project working with András Szabó of Org50.com, here’s a lovely website that has just gone live with copy written by moi. I Like Your Design is a cool little networking site for graphic designers and web developers (or anyone, really) that allows you to save screenshots of full or partial web pages (using a handy Firefox plugin) so that you can keep an online scrapbook of designs that interest you, grab your attention and provide inspiration. The screengrabs can be sorted into categories and you can also search through other peoples’ collections to find out what’s hot in the world of web design.

Org50.com – Portfolio Site of Web Developer Andras Szabo

25 08 2010

It’s always nice to help a fellow freelancer out, so when Andras Szabo (Twitter: @nomoreconfig), a talented web developer from Budapest, approached me via Freelancer.com to help him write the copy for his portfolio site, I was only too pleased to help.

Andras specialises in creating interactive websites with original layouts, cool apps and funky features. As a result, I kept the copy short, snappy and lighthearted, incorporating elements of Andras’s friendly personality, while retaining the purpose of the site – to show that Andras is great at what he does and is a super-professional freelancer.

Kaus Media Group

6 08 2010

I wrote the copy for this website a little while ago, but I’ve just noticed that it’s gone live.
Kaus Media Group is based in Trinidad & Tobago and comprises a suite of companies that currently includes Kaus Design Studio (copy also written by yours truly 🙂 ), Kaus Hosting (new copy written by moi coming soon) and Kaus Translations. As the corporate face of the Group’s online presence, the copy for Kaus Media Group needed to be descriptive, smart and professional in order to adequately showcase the Group’s strengths and ambitions.

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