LogoBee press releases

15 12 2010

LogoBee graphic and logo design agencyThe team at LogoBee, a Canadian logo design agency, recently approached me to write a selection of press releases to promote their new-look website. The press releases have now been published and I wish LogoBee every success with their ongoing development and growth!

Read the press releases here:

LogoBee logo design press release written by Lisa A. Martin freelance press release writer

I Like Your Design

6 12 2010

For my second project working with András Szabó of Org50.com, here’s a lovely website that has just gone live with copy written by moi. I Like Your Design is a cool little networking site for graphic designers and web developers (or anyone, really) that allows you to save screenshots of full or partial web pages (using a handy Firefox plugin) so that you can keep an online scrapbook of designs that interest you, grab your attention and provide inspiration. The screengrabs can be sorted into categories and you can also search through other peoples’ collections to find out what’s hot in the world of web design.

LogoBee graphic design blog: My posts for October

2 11 2010

Last month on the LogoBee Blog I took a look at clothing retailer GAP’s new look, and their hasty decision to change it back again!

Mind the GAP

LogoBee Graphic Design blog: My posts for September

30 09 2010

Only one of my articles made it to the LogoBee blog this month, but it’s a fun one! In case you missed it, here’s an article about Google’s “doodle” on September 7th, and why it caused a stir in the logo design world. How did they do that?

Google’s Doodle Mystery

Alefba Right-to-Left Web Design

22 08 2010

Here’s my latest live copywriting project – a web design company who specialise in creating websites that are optimised for Middle Eastern languages reading from right-to-left (RTL), particularly Arabic, Persian and Dari. Based in the United States, Alefba target their services towards English-speaking companies who want to reach out to speakers of RTL languages and have worked with a number of not-for-profit and governmental organisations. They also offer translation and specialist publishing services as well as custom graphic design using RTL scripts and logotypes. I’ve written copy for a number of web design and development companys, but the specialist nature of Alefba’s services made this a particularly interesting project.
The brief here was to write informative and professional copy targeted to a niche market. I’ve kept the style simple and relaxed – not too wordy or overly descriptive – and have made use of bold headlines and bullet points to catch the eye and sell the key services.

Pixel Designer

8 06 2010

Here’s  the live website for a copywriting project I recently completed for a small web and graphic design company called Pixel Designer. Ably managed by Rizwan Chauhan and his team, the company, based in Essex, provide a range of bespoke web and print media services for local businesses.

The copy needed to be of a professional quality in order to compete for bigger business with other similar firms in the area, and descriptive enough to get the message across without being too wordy. Combined with Rizwan’s colourful and eye-catching design, I think the Pixel Designer website certainly delivers class and quality.

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