Nelson James Sheriff’s Officers and Messengers-at-Arms

27 11 2010

Not really being much of a legal beagle, the copy for the Nelson James website – a debt recovery and judgement enforcement company based in Scotland – was a challenge for me. Nevertheless, it was made much easier and more enjoyable by working with Andrew Crane, one of the company’s partners and fellow Belle & Sebastian fan!

Nelson James are Sheriff’s officers and Messengers-at-Arms, which to anyone outside Scotland won’t mean much, but in essence it means that they are legally authorised to serve summons to court and other legal documents. Since a part of what they do is to serve notices of debt recovery, Andrew said that he hates being mistaken for a bailiff and one of the best parts of his job is getting out and about, meeting people and offering them real help and advice.

I’ll have to confess that some of the copy on the site has been altered from what I originally wrote and agreed with Andrew (his partner made some changes), but the majority of what is there was my own work. In any case, at least I’ve learned a bit about the Scottish legal system!

James Kelly Photography

31 08 2010

In my most recent collaboration with Kaus Design Studio, James Kelly Photography is the next copywriting project to go live. James didn’t want me to write that he’s creative and talented on his website as he didn’t want to sound too “up himself” 😉 , but it’s completely true. James has taken some stunning photographs and Kaus have done a great job in showcasing them to their maximum impact and potential. The copy I created for this site is very much secondary to the beautiful images, but written in the first person, I hope that it captures some of James’s personality and convinces prospective clients to look beyond the website and seek James’s professional services.

Kaus Media Group

6 08 2010

I wrote the copy for this website a little while ago, but I’ve just noticed that it’s gone live.
Kaus Media Group is based in Trinidad & Tobago and comprises a suite of companies that currently includes Kaus Design Studio (copy also written by yours truly 🙂 ), Kaus Hosting (new copy written by moi coming soon) and Kaus Translations. As the corporate face of the Group’s online presence, the copy for Kaus Media Group needed to be descriptive, smart and professional in order to adequately showcase the Group’s strengths and ambitions.

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