Research Assistant position advertised on (Ageing Biology)

12 10 2010

Well, this is a first. actually being used for a really great job opportunity!

Looking for a research assistant: biotechnology/medicine

Only US/Canada/UK-based proposals will be considered.

Looking for a research assistant for a book. Need a graduate/post-graduate biotechnology/biology/gerontology/biogerontology/biology of aging at one of the top universities

I am looking for a research assistant a non-fiction book on retirement economics and changing demographics. The author is a European expert in the biology of aging and the collaborator has a PhD in English literature from JHU with over 40 years of experience.

The RA will assist the author and the collaborator with the research and provide summaries of scientific articles, analyze clinical studies, provide factoids, statistics, charts & graphs. The research assistant will perform research, provide summaries and extracts from books and scientific papers, conduct interviews, receive, process and integrate data coming from several other collaborators.

– The RA will receive a monthly compensation (Freelancer bid divided in eight equal installments). In the case that the project runs over 8 months, the agreement may be extended.

– The RA will be acknowledged in the Acknowledgments section of the book
– A letter of recommendation will be provided upon successful completion of the project

– PhD, post-doc or post med school student focusing on biology, biotechnology, biology of aging, gerontology, biogerontology and related disciplines top-ranked universities will also be considered
– Physically based in the US or UK
– Ability to contribute ~20 hours a week to research
– Creativity, energy, enthusiasm
– Intimate familiarity with PubMed, Google Books, Census, NIH reporting,, etc.
– Access to full-text medical journals
– Familiarity with sources of population survey data (public, non-profit and commercial)
– Knowledge of survey design surveys (inc. estimating the sample size and error) and ability to analyze survey data

Other benefits:
– The author will buy and ship several books and articles related to the subject to the RA that the RA will retain after the project is completed
– The RA will be introduced and will be able to interview some of the leading experts in aging research
– There is a possibility that the RA will be invited to attend high-level conferences that will be paid for by the author
– Some of the ideas that will be presented in the book will require surveys/interviews to be performed. The results of these surveys/interviews may be published in separate papers

This project may be advertised on other resources for graduate students and some proposals may not be visible.

Familiarity with the most recent literature on the biology of aging is a definite plus.

I’ve actually worked with the project owner before – he’s a really nice guy called Alex Zhavaronkov who works on The Aging Portfolio, a database of research projects related to the biology of ageing. I recently copyedited a bioinformatics manuscript that he’s submitting to PNAS (and received glowing praise too! See his recommendation for me on LinkedIn!). I wish I could bid on this project myself – it sounds like a fantastic opportunity and could be done remotely too – but I don’t have 20 hours a week to spare. However, I’d really like to spare Alex from the dross who usually bid on any and every Freelancer project and give him some real contenders to choose from for his project so bioscientists, step up! If you’d like to bid on his project and you haven’t got a Freelancer account yet, be nice and use my affiliate link! 🙂

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