18 03 2011

My turn again to moderate the BMC Blog this week – bit of a slow news week at BioMed Central, but here are the blog posts I edited and moderated!

More from Ecolicious Foods

14 12 2010

Just in case you missed my announcement last month that I’d recently been made chief blogger at the Ecolicious Foods blog, here’s a little update on what’s been going on with the site and the company.

Unfortunately, despite site owner Steve’s infectious enthusiasm for his organic business venture, progress with the main Ecolicious Foods website has been slow. It was hoped that the online store would go live before Christmas, but it’s looking likely that sometime in January 2011 will be a more realistic launch date.

Nevertheless, the Ecolicious blog has got off to a great start with 4 brilliant posts (I can say that; I wrote them!) including a piece about the possible link between pesticide use and the decline in the UK’s population of bees, and, in the midst of the UK government’s spending cuts, particularly in scientific research and education,  an interesting example of how a grant given by the US government is being used to fund research into organic agriculture.

The Ecolicious Foods blog is on hold now until the New Year, but we’ll be back with a vengance in 2011 to unleash Ecolicious Foods onto the world!

BMC Blog V

13 12 2010

I almost forgot that it was my turn again to moderate the BMC Blog last week, but I was glad to realise it when I read some of the interesting posts that we had in store! Find out how you can submit a manuscript to a new journal established for the Herpes research community, or submit a paper for a new series on chronic health conditions to be published in Globalization and Health; read a commentary on the proposed link between depression and the menopause; investigate the uses of clud computing in genomics, and read opinion on open data access from BioMed Central’s head honcho, Matt Cockerill and Journal Publisher Iain Hrynaszkiewicz. Enjoy!

LogoBee graphic design blog: My posts for October

2 11 2010

Last month on the LogoBee Blog I took a look at clothing retailer GAP’s new look, and their hasty decision to change it back again!

Mind the GAP


1 11 2010

I moderated the BMC Blog again last week and was kept pretty busy editing some interesting posts. Here they are!


27 09 2010

Hello everyone, I’m back from a wonderful week away in Corfu and after my relaxing break I’m raring to go with new and exciting projects in store. In my continuing collaboration with  Kaus Media Group, I’ve got a couple of big websites to write copy for in the next few weeks, as well as more editorial work for Just In Time publishing, Artesian Spas and The Art of More. I’m also going to be busy as acting co-editor of BioMed Central’s staff magazine, The Word. Talking of BioMed Central, it was my turn again to moderate the BMC Blog in the week before I went on holiday, so here are a few of the interesting posts that have been added to the blog in the last couple of weeks.

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