I’m currently involved in:

  • Copy-editing and proofreading for Artesian Spas and “The Art of More“; a life-coaching website;
  • Copywriting and editing for Fixstation.com.au and associates
  • Editorial services for a number of academic and business clients

My past projects and published articles include:


Press releases

Scientific articles

Wikipedia articles


    It’s hard to showcase copyediting skills, since I work on polishing the unfinished product and can’t take credit for the writing or subject material, but if you’d like to see some samples, I’ll be happy to oblige. I’ve been involved in the copyediting of:

  • Marketing materials for Artesian Spas and their subsidiaries, Brandy Quick’s Portfolio, Merry Women Clinic, a book on the scientific and medical properties of shea butter, the life-coaching website “The Art of More“, a Freelancer.com ebook on outsourcing, the FAQ page for www.ratedtradie.co.nz (not yet live) and several scientific manuscripts including, most recently, a paper in the bioinformatics field.
  • I’m also on the rota for moderating the BMC Blog

Résumé (CV) writing clients:

  • A Humanities graduate from Kent, UK
  • A business modelling consultant from Coventry, UK
  • A graphic design graduate from California, USA
  • A physical therapist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • An insulation installation engineer from Anglesey, Wales
  • A corporate project manager from Sydney, Australia

Miscellaneous projects

  • Marking A-Level Biology examination papers for OCR
  • Creation of a PowerPoint presentation used by an English teacher in Japan
  • Medical transcription for QuickSec

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