Global Plant Council

GPCI have worked with the Global Plant Council (GPC) on a long-term freelance contract for 3 days per week ever since July 2014.

The GPC is a coalition of professional societies and organisations representing plant, crop, agricultural and environmental scientists on six continents of the world. A not-for-profit organisation registered in Switzerland, the GPC seeks to bring together all those involved in plant science and allied disciplines, under the conviction that by working together, we can get more stuff done. The GPC acts a coordinating body for various projects that, ultimately, aim to accelerate and progress plant science for the betterment of humankind; by finding plant-based ways to tackle grand global challenges such as food security, under- and malnutrition, growing crops sustainably with fewer resources in the face of climate change.

Practically speaking, the GPC helps to develop and share plant science tools and resources, and organises symposia and events on focused topics to bring plant scientists from different parts of the world together to share their knowledge, expertise and to create fruitful new networks and collaborations.

As the GPC’s Outreach & Communications Manager, I am responsible for maintaining the GPC’s website, blog, newsletter, Twitter and Facebook accounts, and I am also helping to develop a new social network for plant scientists called Plantae. I correspond with the Executive Board and each of the GPC’s member societies and affiliates, both to communicate to them news about the GPC, but also to help share and promote any activities, events, funding opportunities and news that our members would like to disseminate to a wider audience. I develop marketing materials such as leaflets and conference banners, write and edit articles, reports, white papers, presentations, policy documents and funding applications. I also sometimes get to represent the GPC at international conferences and meetings; in recent years I have exhibited at the American Society of Plant Biologists’ conference in Portland, OR and Minneapolis, MN (USA); the Society for Experimental Biology’s annual conferences in Manchester, Brighton (UK) and Prague (Czech Republic); the European Plant Science Organisation’s 2014 meeting in Dublin (Ireland); the International Plant Molecular Biology conference in Iguassu Falls (Brazil), and this year (2016) will attend the ComBio 2016 conference in Brisbane (Australia).


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