Warwickshire Life 6: Genetic Modification and the Great British Potato

24 02 2014

potatoesUnfortunately my sixth offering for Warwickshire Life’s online magazine was published a little too late for National Chip Week (last week!) but never mind! This article looks at the humble spud, and some of the challenges that face British growers. In particular, I highlight some new research published by members of The Sainsbury Laboratory in Norwich, which describes work to develop and trial genetically modified potatoes.

You can read my article here: Genetic Modification and the Great British Potato.

LogoBee posts for January

31 01 2014

Here are the links to the blog posts I have written for graphic/logo design company LogoBee this month:

Warwickshire Life 3: Combating Plant Viruses

10 01 2014

Tobacco leaf infected with tobacco mosaic virus. © US Government, Public Domain. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

After a little break for Christmas and the New Year, I’ve resumed my fortnightly blogging spot at Warwickshire Life.

This week, I discuss viruses that infect plants, why they are a problem to the horticulture industry, and how scientists at the University of Warwick’s Crop Centre are helping to breed virus-resistant plants.

Read the full article here: Combating Plant Viruses.


LogoBee posts for October

31 10 2013

It’s been a busy month for me this month, so only 4 LogoBee posts published for October, but here they are!

LogoBee posts for September

30 09 2013

Here are the links to posts I’ve written this month for LogoBee…

LogoBee posts for August

29 08 2013

Here are the links to the posts I’ve written this month for LogoBee…

LogoBee posts for July

30 07 2013

LogoBee blog

I’ve recently rekindled my relationship with Canadian graphic design agency LogoBee – yes, although I am primarily a science writer, I do have a few creative bones in my body too, so I’m really enjoying blogging about logo design again! It’s nice to do something different once in a while!

Here are the links to the posts added to LogoBee in July:

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