Journalism Week 4: Interview

12 11 2013

This week my task in Journalism class was to write up an interview that I carried out with someone in my class. Here’s mine (names changed to protect identities – that’s what they say in the papers, innit!). The word count was 250 words. 

I was nervous about interviewing someone I didn’t know very well, but actually found it surprisingly easy! I’ve learned from this experience that you need to be prepared with questions to make sure you get what you want out of the interview, but equally be prepared to put those questions aside when necessary. If you arrive to an interview with too much of your own agenda, you can miss out on some really interesting stuff!

It can’t be easy working full time and studying two evening courses, but Jane Doe somehow finds the time to do all this and more.

Arriving to the interview in a pair of batgirl trainers, Jane is a self-confessed comic book geek who loves retro artwork and all things X-Men. She said: “When I was about 11, my brother and I used to get up early every Saturday morning to watch the X-Men cartoon and I’ve been hooked ever since”.

Jane and her animal-loving boyfriend share a home in Coventry. They met while working temporarily at Coventry University. She says: “Our eyes literally met across a crowded room while we were manning stands for our respective companies at a careers fair!”

When she is not reading Marvel comic books or feeding the menagerie of animals (five fish, two snakes, two cats, one rabbit and a pond full of newts at last count), office administrator Jane works for Gom UK.

This German-owned optical metrology firm provides technical measuring devices to manufacturing and research organisations including Rolls Royce and most UK universities. It has offices all over the world, including a staff of 11 in Coventry.

Supported by the company, Jane is learning German one evening per week, and is also studying for an Open Studies Certificate in Journalism at Warwick University. Since her administration role is evolving to include events management and external communications, she hopes this course will help her learn more about media and marketing.




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