More Academic Writing Woes!

10 07 2013

There I was, just finishing up for the day, when an email pinged into my inbox.

Subj: Academic Writing work offer

Readers, you know that if there is one thing that REALLY gets me riled, it is academic writing.

This email, from a Mr Russel Awal of Acmmos Consultancy Services Ltd – who proudly informs me that I can check out his British-university-educated credentials online because he has written a book* – OOH A BOOK! – positively blinded me with amazing statistics:

  • They’ve had a 94% success rate! (So six in every hundred students pays for an essay that eventually gets them a fail? Nice one. Really selling it here.)
  • They have 3 office locations totalling a whopping 2100 square feet in area! (So that’s three pretty poky offices then, yeah?)
  • Four full time consultants! Twenty full time writers! OVER THIRTY freelancers! (At least 54 people who are more than happy to help students CHEAT!)

There was more self-congratulatory back-patting, but I wasn’t impressed, so I skipped down the page. What (as if I couldn’t guess) did they actually want me to do?

Well, funnily enough, they didn’t really say. A whole list of their services was included in the email – Assignment, Reports and Essay Writing, “Sample” (emphasis mine!) Dissertation Writing, Plagiarism removal (GRRRR!!!) and proof reading service, etc (sigh) – but for a company that seems to specialise in writing, the email was very poorly written with lots of fluff and waffle. There was a confusing section called ‘Price and Payments’, in which they proudly declared that I could be paid by bank transfer, PayPal – even payment in person! – and yet didn’t tell me what I could earn, but nowhere in the whole email was I actually asked, directly, to work for this company, nor was it clearly explained what they actually wanted me to do. I can guess, of course, but JEEZ! If anything, I hope Mr Awal reads this and has a better crack at his sales copywriting!

Right at the bottom, there’s this disclaimer:

Service provided by and its associate companies, serves as model papers for students for guideline to their work as a sample work, these work must not be used for any academic gain.


I took great pleasure in replying to Mr Awal on how I felt about him and his company (and his appalling spelling and grammar!) and somehow managed to refrain from the use of expletives – thought I’d better retain a modicum of professionalism! I wonder if he will reply?!

Has anyone ever come across Mr Awal, or indeed his company Acmmos Consultancy Services? Has any of my readers ever worked for him, or a similar company? I’d be very interested to know how this issue sits with you – I know, I know, technically these companies aren’t doing anything illegal, but I find them completely morally and ethically wrong. It makes my blood boil!!!

* a book that nobody seems to have read, judging from the lack of reviews, and, reading between the lines, was probably ghost-written




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