FAQ: Why can’t I withdraw my full £ GBP balance from Freelancer.com?

11 03 2011

Until recently, Freelancer.com only operated in US dollars, but with the company’s acquisition of various smaller freelancing sites around the world, it’s now possible to do business in other currencies including British pounds, Australian dollars and euros. This is great news for users of the site who don’t use US dollars in their home country, as it reduces the effect of fluctuating exchange rates and minimises conversion fees when withdrawing to PayPal or Moneybookers.

I recently completed my first project in British pounds, but hit a stumbling block when I tried to withdraw the funds from my Freelancer account to PayPal. I had £45 in my account, but when I requested to withdraw £45, an error message flashed up on screen saying, “ERRORS OCCURED – Withdrawal amount cannot be more than overall balance”. Huh?

Although Freelancer takes a £1 fee for PayPal withdrawals, this is usually deducted after you have requested the balance, i.e. you request to withdraw £45 and you receive £44 in your PayPal account. If I entered an amount of £44, this was accepted, but after the £1 fee, this would leave me with an amount of £1 in my account.That’s my pound! I want it!

I queried this situation with Freelancer Support and for once I received a straight answer! Helpful Shane said, “It appears that there is a bug in our system caused by the rounding of fees.” To remedy this situation, Helpful Shane deposited 1p into my account, making my balance £45.01, which has now allowed me to withdraw the full £45 that I earned. Hurrah!

I’m not sure if this happens if you try to request a withdrawal in other currencies, or if the same thing happens if you use Moneybookers or another withdrawal method, but if you’ve experienced the same thing, please leave a comment here to help and advise others. If this happens to you, contact Freelancer Support (customer-support@freelancer.com) and they will be able to help you. An engineering team are allegedly working to fix this problem so hopefully it won’t be an issue for too much longer.




10 responses

29 05 2011

i got the same problem.

7 09 2011

i got $102 and they wont even let me transfer $50 to my paypal :S it comes with the same mistake

14 05 2012
Sabbir Hossain Sagar

Try to cancel your Previous Requests..

9 08 2012

Everyone please be careful. I’m writing this message to inform all about freelancer.com harassing behavior.
If you won a project/contest and your employer paid you. But his profile is not verified by freelancer.com. Now freelancer.com will not allow you to withdraw that money until your employer verify his details. And if he don’t verify his details you will never able to withdraw money paid by your employer
Its NOT employer’s fault, he already paid you, you can see the money in your freelancer.com account but won’t be able to withdraw.
Freelancer.com should verify any details before anyone post a project/contest. But they are not doing this. They are just harassing the providers. Please share if you are facing similar problem.

30 12 2012

same problem to date =(

27 03 2013
Liv Iu

Withdraw via Skrill (Moneybookers)
Your Balance (USD): $36.89
Fee: No fee taken
Withdraw Amount: $36 ( Min amount: $30 USD /Max amount: $10000 USD)

Withdrawal amount cannot be more than overall balance

27 03 2013

“Note that we only allow users to withdraw funds they have earned.”
on chat they replay me this line
i try to withdraw my unused funds , but they told me this
“Note that we only allow users to withdraw funds they have earned.”
WTF really!

then i open Paypal account open dispute against them and got my 980$ from them by Paypal ,help
pantechatic experience

27 03 2013

I guess this ruling is to stop people laundering money through Freelancer, but I agree there should be a way to get small amounts back if you have not been able to find a suitable freelancer.

27 03 2013

yes for laundering money, but if i used my small amount in a project and then after open a fake dispute against freelancer, paypal again send my funds. because both are these Paypal and freelancer are equally scams
and this site shows about pp alot http://www.paypalwarning(dot)com

so way not “divide and rule” on these bad companies

1.fund you freelancer account
2.post project
3.complete project from freelancer guy
4.send money
5.and then after open dispute in Paypal
6.and Paypal always send you money back

my mind is working now as a scammer ,

20 02 2016

I have the same problem!! 😦 so, are you saying that the withdrawal system in Freelancer is unreliable as it is vulnerable to bugs? That’s scary.

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