Freeklancer 3: Devil’s advocate?

19 11 2010

It’s been a while since the last of my Freaklancer posts, but another fine example of oddball usage came and plopped right into my inbox this very afternoon. Today, Dimitris900, an unrated buyer from Greece, is looking to hire someone who can tell him whether or not he saw the Devil. 17 years ago. Here’s the post:


My name is Dimitris.I am 36 years old.I want to describe my story that bothers me for more that 17 years.
My story begins when i was 18 years old.
That time,i had a girlfriend whose mane was Georgia.Although she was not a smoker and never drinking alchohol,she died by cancer.She was only 16 years old and i am still missing her very much.
After her death,i was in contact with her sister who was 26 years old.
That time,i decided with my sister to go on a trip to Aegina,a smal island in Saronic goalf in Greece.We went to Aegina and we stayed at night in Aegina,a small island in Greece.While we where at the boat,she(her name was Johanna),used to tell us how she was involved with satanism.It was her releagion,she loved the Beast!!
We arrived in Aegina,and we stayed there for the night in a small hotel.I was socked about her stories.At the hotel,there where 3 bedrooms.I was sleeping in the midle and my sister on the right and Johanna at the left.At about 2am during the night,i wokw up,i opened my eyes and i was looking at the left and i saw Johanna sleeping,but what i saw i cannot forget it in my life.!!
I saw Johanna looking at me.It was the worst experience in my life.Her face was completely changed.Her eyebrows had changed and they where up and in a different shape.Her eyes where become red.She had hair in all of her face.Her hair became black and she had a bad and satanic smile.When i was that,i started screaming and the whole hotel woke up.After my scream,her face became normal and she became a sweet face again.I slept calm after that.The next morning,i didn’t pay attention and i didn’t speak to my sister for three days,as i thought that it might to be just a bad dream.After 3 days my sister told me:”Did you see what i saw?”.I said yes.So,it was not only my experience because at 2am,my sister saw the same of what i saw.The fact that two persons saw the same thing,it is ipmossible to be just a dream as me and my sister where looked the same thing,it cannot be a dream!
This case is really very strange and we cannot explain that fact in a scientific way.After one year i told that to a psychiatrist but the answer was that he accepts this fact and experiant but they couldn’t explain in a scientific way.
I am sure i show the devil!!
I want my friends your opinion and your explanation.I will accept everything you say and i am opened in every opinion.
Thank you.
Really thank you.
I am not a person who sees visions.My health condition is perfect ,i am a biologist and my brain works very healthy.I just want to announce my experiance.
I don’t know how to receive your opinions.
Thank you again for reading my story.

Apart from it not being in the slightest bit clear what Demitris actually needs a freelancer for (though he is clearly looking for something, since he paid extra to have his post “featured”), is it just me or is this not completely mental?! Let’s look at this again: he claims to have seen his dead girlfriend’s sister turn into the Devil whilst on holiday17 years ago. And he’s a biologist! Would a more rational explanation not be something like the effects of grief? A vivid dream? Heatstroke? Maybe his dead girlfriend’s sister was Liz Hurley???




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19 11 2010
Geoff Jackson

Haha, unbelievable!

Best part is, now watch all the far east/cheap labour freelancers bid blindly on the job. Heh

“we give you best seo all time, many top websites submitted to 2000 directories for $9, nevermind about devil, we have pr10 links for $0.10”

19 11 2010

Oh, they’ve spoiled our fun and cancelled the project! But 4 people bid on it beforehand. As you say, unbelievable!

20 11 2010

Beware of the Greeks bearing strange stories!


8 12 2010
M Zargham

Hi Lisa
i read ur blog earlier to find fee and commission at
now i come to know a strange story there. i bis on a project worth 250 $ posted from american person, than the same project was posted by a Paksitani person. no difference not a single line. the real strange thing is that the person who posted project later awarded all person with the project who ever make a bid there (i was also awarded but i didnt accept it).
i am pasting both links here
from the person from USA
this was the person from Pakistan
now my question is that if the the said emploer did not pay to any one and run away will refund the 10 % fee back to freelancers(in this case it become 25 * 12 freelancer = 250$)
now more intrestingly same is hapening again but 2 new persons
i am sending u the links of both project
this was by a person from canada
and other one is this
a person from egypt

now my question is whther it is game played by to get free from new person by showing ghost project???
please please search it out as u are senior in this field and can guide new commers. thanks

9 12 2010

Well firstly, thank you for your kind words but I don’t claim to be a “senior” in this field, I’m just a freelancer like every one else and am just a regular user of the site with no special privileges or insights. Having said that, I do hope my posts are helpful and I appreciate your visits to my blog! I’m just keen to help make Freelancer a better, safer place to work.
Thanks for sharing the links to those strange project posts. There certainly seems to be something fishy going on and I have reported violations against the users involved. I suspect that the American/Pakistani and Canadian/Egyptian users involved are the same person with duplicate accounts, which is completely in violation of Freelancer’s rules. As I have said before and will say again, I honestly don’t think Freelancer itself is a scam website that aims to steal money from people or abuse their trust, but I do think that it suffers heavily from abuse by its users. Sadly there are some shameless people in the world who will do anything to make an easy buck, and Freelancer is just one in a long line of large and successful community websites to be exploited and suffer at the hands of such unscrupulous types. I think you were probably wise to reject the project in this case – if there is ever any doubt over the integrity of a buyer or a project, then it’s better to be safe than sorry.

8 12 2010
M Zargham

please also reply back with email

19 12 2010

Relax…there’s no such thing as devils, it’s probably just a bit of undigested cheese after lunch, and too much good ale, I expect…don’t worry, be happy…

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