BDR Jets Netball Team

4 11 2010

Back row L-R: Lou, Gemma, Katie, Becky, Andrea, Bev, Julie. Middle row L-R: Sue, Beki, Michelle, Me, Debbie. Front row L-R: Shannon, Meg, Lesley.

I realise that this post is a little out of character for my blog – it’s about neither science nor freelancing, but, well, my netball team is in the local newspaper and I helped to edit the article. So there.

Here’s the article in the Alcester Chronicle: Efforts pay off for netball team

I joined the BDR Jets this summer, just after I moved from London to Warwickshire. I was looking to meet some new people, have fun and maybe try and get a little bit fitter too, and the Jets promised all three. I hadn’t played netball since I was at school (and even then only in PE lessons, which were really just shooting practice for a county-level classmate), in fact I was more of a hockey player, but most of the ladies sports teams in my new area seemed very serious and competitive. I just wanted somewhere non-threatening and comfortable, where I didn’t feel ridiculous about being completely pants. I found the Jets through a tiny ad on (incidentally, I am also advertised on there as a freelancer ;)) and the rest is history.

The BDR Jets train every Tuesday evening and we play in the Stratford Winter Netball League every Sunday morning. We haven’t won a single game yet, but we don;t mind too much. What we lack in skill we more than make up for in our awesome purple and black kit (proudly sponsored by BDR Voice & Data Solutions of Stratford on Avon).




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