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17 10 2010

Hello Lisa,

I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I’ve just closed my Freelancer account. The problem is that I don’t know if closing my account is the same thing with terminating it.

Is it correct to assume that I don’t have anything to do with Freelancer anymore if they have closed my account?

I see that my username is still in their database, so this causes me to worry a bit. They have told me that it takes approximately 3 weeks to delete my username and the rest of the data that I introduced when registering my account.

I have also read on their website that you will have to pay a fee if your account has been inactive for 365 days. So I want to know; what is a closed account considered to be? Inactive or terminated?

I thought that Freelancer was just another common website with online job offers; I had no idea that it was such a serious business that involved money transactions and stuff like that. I didn’t give any basic information about myself. I didn’t do anything there, I just created my account and asked them to delete it shortly after.

So is my Freelancer account terminated?

I apologize if my question is stupid or off-topic, but my IT knowledge is close to nothing.

19 10 2010

Hi there, your question is not stupid or off topic 🙂
How did you close your account? It says on the Freelancer website that in order to close your account you need to contact them, and they will handle it for you, so if this is what you did, then I would say yes, you’re account is closed and terminated. The best way to check though would be to ask Freelancer’s customer support. I would think that if you have successfully closed your account, you wouldn’t even be able to log into Freelancer, so that might answer your question!

Where did you read that you have to pay a fee if your account is inactive? I’ve never heard that before so if you could point me to the link that would be great for a future blog post!

It’s interesting what you said about not realising that Freelancer was a serious business involving money transfers etc – I think many other people fall into that trap too! And, like I said in part 1 of this blog post, most people don’t take the time to read the terms and conditions properly (or at all) so they are surprised when their account is suspended for breaching terms! I’m not sure what the answer is, but it’s certainly a relevant point!

Thanks for your comment 🙂

1 06 2011

Terms (on bottom of home page) “7.4 Inactive Accounts
User Accounts that have been inactive for more than 365 days (“Inactive Accounts”) will incur a dormant account fee of US$10 per month until either the Account is terminated or reactivated.”

Your advice of just leaving an account instead of terminating it properly could lead to a user building up a very large negative balance!

1 06 2011

Did I advise that?? Thanks for sharing the clause referring to inactive accounts though. Since I wrote this post and responded to the above comment, I have become aware of this clause but I don’t think I have specifically mentioned it on this blog.

6 11 2010
Freelance in IT

Hi Lisa,

Thank you very much for your blog and for all the posts about I really appreciate it.

My gold account at has been suspended because I didn’t when carefully through their terms and conditions. I did indeed a mistake, but there was no bad intention behind it.

I’ve did what they asked me, sending scans of IDs and pictures of myself with a code and my ID. Now I’m waiting, while my account is still blocked.

I can understand that they have to block my money, as they need time to check my identity, but I do not understand why they are still blocking my account?

I cannot work anymore, because I’m not allowed to reply to buyer that are replying on my bids and I cannot bid any more. Could they not let me use their site and only block the money withdraws?

Once again, thank you for your help Lisa.

10 11 2010

I think that one of the problems with Freelancer is that they have grown so big that they’re finding it hard to cope with the vlume of customer service enquiries they receive. From my experience, if you contact customer services, they do now respond quickly (it used to take them weeks or even months to get back to you!) but their answers are basically copied and pasted from their FAQs section. For more complex queries that require non-copied-and-pasted answers, you’ll have to persevere and keep hassling them until you get a sensible reply. But be polite – rudeness never got anyone anywhere, even if you think that they are being rude to you. There is no direct email address available for the customer services manager, but if you label your support queries “For the attention of James”, you may get a better response.
As for the complete lockdown of your account, I suppose the justification behind this would be that if you are being investigated, they want to make sure that you are not taking part in any more illegal projects, or breaking any more rules. I hope that it gets sorted out for you soon – patience is a virtue that Freelancers need to learn it seems!

9 11 2010

Hello Lisa,

I can tell you for sure that Freelancer is Holding peoples money. As they currently are holding mine.

While I will admit that I did unknowing break the rules by accepting money from a Provider who I hired for a project. He asked to be paid through a different payment option after I already sent him the money. So he transferred the money back to my freelancer account. I then paid him through the other payment processor as requested for the same project.

This was more than a month ago. Now when I tried to withdrawal my remaining balance (I also worked as a Provider) my account has been Suspended.

Freelance has asked me to submit the following to “Prove” who I am.
Government ID: I sent my drivers licensees
Explanation: Why I accepted the money from the other person.
A Photo: I was sent a code and asked to write the code on a piece of paper, while holding this paper and my ID I was to take a photo and send it. Just like being booked for jail!!!

I did this and I received a response this morning that they could not accept it because they need an ID English.

I would like to point out that I have been using my account for 2+ years and that I am living in Ukraine. There is no way for me to get an English copy of any of my ID’s.

As far as I am concerned this is clearly an a tempt to hold my money indefinitely as they very well know I can not provide this document.

I will be following up on my website with the outcome of the situation.

12 11 2010

Yeah, Gregory, I’m too in this situation, I’ve send my ID etc… but ask me English ID, and he know perfectly we don’t have a English ID and says :

“However, please be advised that this is not our first time to verify a moroccan personality.”

I don’t know really what’s solution?!

12 01 2011
hwgamer is indeed a scam website. I’ve just been robbed by $250 for not having a passport. I don’t think that we’re forced to have a passport to sign up for their website.

I submitted a copy of my driving license and my ID but it was no good for them even if all the EU accepts it. My driving license is in my native language and french.

I got some very rude words from their customers service and i’m ready to do to court with this. People are getting trashed just because they are a very large company and they can do whatever they want.

I will stop this. I’m sure that i’m not the only one in this situation and i urge everyone who stands in the same situation as i do to support me.

My e-mail is , please write down your story!

17 01 2011

Hi there, and thanks for your comment. It’s not the first time I have heard reports of non-English ID being rejected as valid identification, and I agree with you that this is unfair and discriminative. If your breach of terms was not serious or was even made in error, then you should have the same rights as users from English-speaking countries to have your account reactivated. If not, then Freelancer should make it clear on their site that ID in English is a prerequisite to register a Freelancer account. I have contacted Freelancer customer services about this issue and will let you know what they say!

18 01 2011

OK so here’s what Freelancer said:

“We do ask for an English ID but also provide an option (in case they do not have one) to submit supporting documents such as a Utility Bill, Etc.

We do not intend to discriminate members from non-English countries. But we do need these requirements in order to verify one’s account. Please understand this is for the security for all members of”

28 11 2010

My 15 day hold is long passed, and they just added another week to it ONLY when I requested my money in full… I got $35.00 out after the first hold. After fees I got $20.00 from a $200 job.
Now they will not respond to my emails. And I still have not been paid in full for work I did.
What do you think they do during the 15 day money hold for security reasons? Anything?…nope… Just sit on it.
This is not a time to mess with people when they need work and income to survive.

22 01 2011


I’ve been working in freelancer for a few weeks only and earned about $120 in my original account. I didn’t properly read the terms and conditions (I know it’s my fault..) and didn’t know that creating more than 1 account is a breach of their rules. I earned about $50 in my 2nd account and the project is still ongoing.. T_T I’ve worked hard for that money. I know that it wouldn’t mean much to others as they have earned more than that but this is my first experience working as a freelancer in and I’ve actually worked long hours at nights and mornings to earn that $170. I feel like a big dummy. I feel so helpless..I tried to contact them and sent an ID but they haven’t replied yet and I’m afraid that they will ask for a passport or driver’s license. I don’t have those.. I’m actually still a student right now so I’ve only sent them my student ID. I badly need cash that’s why I’ve tried working in freelancer.. I’m afraid that they won’t release my money. T.T Please help, has any of you made the same mistake as I did..If so, what did you do and what did freelancer tell you..

22 01 2011

Hi there. It clearly states in Freelancer’s terms and conditions, and in their code of conduct (which you are asked to read and understand BEFORE agreeing to register an account) that multiple accounts are not permitted. So on that point, I’m afraid I have no sympathy with you.

However, you’re not the first person to make this mistake and I’m sure you won’t be the last. If you have earned the money in your 2 accounts through legitimate projects that in themselves do not breach the terms, then I am sure you will get your money eventually – it just takes time (sometimes several weeks) for Freelancer to check all the facts and come to a decision (bearing in mind that they deal with tens or possibly even hundrreds of cases like yours every week). I’m not sure if student ID will be good enough though – you’ll have to check with Freelancer as to what types of ID they accept. Be patient.

22 01 2011

Thank you so much Lisa for your honest response. I’ve just panicked awhile ago due to this unprecedented occurrence.. I know that I am clearly at fault here.. A few minutes earlier, one of their staff has replied and as what I’ve expected (from reading of other freelancers’ experiences in your blog.thanks) they have asked me to send them a picture of me holding a written code and a valid ID. I really do hope that this will have a favorable outcome..

7 03 2011

Hello Lisa,

I have faced the same problem this week. I had two gold accounts and both are suspended temporarily, I have served well to the buyers & I do have some current projects over there whom I need to reply. After opening a support ticked they agreed me to continue with only one account, but since after sending asked photo identity, they didn’t reply me back & whenever I try to contact them through online chat, their representatives say that they have forwarded the out request to the concerned department I’ll be notified by them. (But I am do know when)

I have seen many freelancers over their and and working their with multiple accounts, but they never caught in their cage. I have around 150$ in one account, and where as in other, I have around opened projects with 1500$.

I am not sure when they will reply me, so I started to Google for further resolutions & found your blog helpful.

Could you please help me a bit or suggest me something as I am getting tensed alot and worried about the resolution. is it for sure that I’ll get my account back in active state by the freelancer or I have loose my accounts. Will they reply me or not, I’ll get my money back??

Please respond favorable to get rid of this heart paining issue.


7 03 2011

It clearly states in Freelancer’s terms and conditions (which you are asked to read and agree to when you register an account) that you are only allowed to have ONE Freelancer account. I don’t really know why people even need two or more accounts? Surely it makes more sense to have just one and build up your feedback??
Anyway, I have no doubt that Freelancer will get back to you if they said they would, but it’s true that their customer service isn’t the quickest or most helpful. If they haven’t got back to you within 2 weeks, follow up with an email to and make sure you quote your original support ticket number (and include the text of your original email and any responses you have had if possible).
I’m sorry if your heart is pained by this issue, but perhaps next time you will read the terms and conditions more carefully before you sign up for something!

24 05 2012
Nixa Testa

However, breaking the terms and conditions gives not the right to hold the money. is not the owner of the money. The owner of the money is either the employer or the worker. but never

28 01 2011
Zohar has suspended my account without any reason. I created ticket and waiting for their response for last one week. I tried to talk with Online support then they told me that my account was suspended because of security reason. But they did not tell me reason. When i asked for my money which is in my account then they simply replied that it will be there untill they activate my account. I am not able to post PMS or reply to clients. After some time client will report project uncompleted. And it will be another loose for me. I earned 100 good points and now because of their lack of response and intention, i’ll lost it.

28 01 2011

Zohar, if you have been properly awarded a project, then you should have received your clients’ email address(es) and you will be able to contact them directly without going through Freelancer. Did you get an email from Freelancer saying “Congratulations! You won the following project:”? If not, then you haven’t officially been awarded the project and this is against Freelancer’s terms and condition. That may explain why you have been suspended!

23 02 2011


Mine also,they have suspend my account and i have already shown them 3 ID but the problem is they dont accept university ID’s(for the school id),they dont accept written ID(for my health card),they dont accept expired ID(for my police clearance) and now they are still asking for more ids?what will happen to the balance of my account?what are the other choices that i can reactivate my account?please help…

24 02 2011

Acceptable ID includes a passport, driver’s license or national identity card. It must have a photo and should also be in English.

28 03 2011

I am living in Belgium and my ID is in Dutch with photo. So I am unable to convince to enable my account.

Secondly there terms and conditions are quite annoying and different from most of other free lancer websites. For example, you have to pay commission (10%) even if you cancel a project but on and some other sites cancellation fee is only 3.5% or nothing if both parties agree to cancel.

Certainly this is not recommended website for freelancers….

28 03 2011

I agree that Freelancer’s ID verification methods are odd and they are a somewhat prohibitive for users of non-English speaking countries. That said, if you hadn’t broken the rules in the first place, you wouldn’t need to verify your ID to have your account unblocked! Freelancer are very clear about the fees that they charge when you sign up for an account, so if you don’t like them, use a different site instead, or try finding freelance work the old fashioned way!!

10 09 2012
S. Stylianou

Glad to see that you agree about’s odd methods and point out that people should look for freelance work elsewhere.

I too discovered that I cannot get hold of my hard earned cash. (nearly $300, ).
Paypal accounts are address verified, and no further identification of identity is needed.
Freelancer is having an identity crisis, confusing it’s role. From contractor/client tool to being a bank institution, which it’s not! For this reason people are leaving the site, the projects are fewer and fewer there.

Is there anywhere on their site a description of the verification process? I did not find one, and if so, that would be a major red light for anyone who wants to get hold of their money.

30 03 2011


Thank you so much for your blog. I have also faced the same problem but my problem was sorted out in less than 24 hours!! After opening a support ticket, they asked me to explain some things. I sent my explanation and they just took 1 hour to activate my account. Don’t know why other people are facing these problems.


21 04 2011

Reading through is shedding some light. I was shocked because when I tried to log, it was temporarily suspended. I already sent an email to them.

Instead of complaining, I will just cooperate. I’m really hoping that they will lift my account as I’m highly depending on their site when it comes to acquiring projects for my team of writers.

Actually, I really like freelancer because of its easy process. When I registered, I provided my real contact details (address, country, number, school attended etc). But I’m afraid I’ve posted my “pen name” there instead of my real name. I just hope it would not be taken against me. =(

Will they?

I really don’t know if I violated any rule. But if I have, I’m willing to cooperate and pay for the damages.

I really, really hope this will be resolved.

Anyway, thank you for your objective postings. =)

22 04 2011


Just want to update you of my account suspension.

I can now access admin support team and can submit ticket. I’m really looking forward for the lifting of the suspension. =)

15 05 2011

Hi Lisa, Greetings from Indonesia,

I have two account already in freelancer but i made those in different profile each, i’ve submit transfer request and the transfer would process to finish on May16th.

Do you have any advice regarding my condition above ? should i delete/terminate my other account before they realize to suspend my first account ?


15 05 2011

Yes, close one of your accounts. If Freelancer discover that yo have two accounts, they will suspend both of them and it will be a long and complicated process to reactivate one of them and regain access to your funds!

7 06 2011

Hello All,

So I wanted to share my outcome of the issue. I originally posted on 9 11 2010 Gregory (14:10:29) (See Above) about my issue.

I did get my account reopened, it seems that I had violated the T&S and after an explanation of what happened they reinstated the account.

However this is where it gets interesting, when I went to withdrawal my money the suspended my account, this time stating I needed to provide proof of ID, I did this as requested.

Like so many others my docs are in Ukrainian, I was asked to write a series of letters and numbers that they sent on a piece of paper and hold it along with my ID and take a pic (reminded me of some WW2 poses of prisoners). I was to send this to them to verify my ID.

I did this, they than refused to accept the Non-English ID. Then only English anything I had was my Payoneer account, so I took a screen shot of that and sent it. This was accepted and they reopened my account again.

I would like to make a couple of points here:

1) There are at least 2 European countries who do not use English on their passports, I am sure there are others.

2) I am a resident of Ukraine Not a citizen so I can’t submit my National Passport, BUT it also means my ID (Resident Card/Drivers Lic) is all in Ukrainian.

3) Freelancer asks for a Drivers Lic., Please tell me any Non-English country who issues a Drives Lic. In English?

4) Lisa you said Freelancer Replied with:

“We do ask for an English ID but also provide an option (in case they do not have one) to submit supporting documents such as a Utility Bill, Etc.”

I assume you live in an English speaking country, if you were Freelancing on my site and had an account balace of say 1500$ and I requested that your docs all be in Ukrainian, Russian, French, Italian or any other Lang. could you provide them?

The fact is is a Global Company and if they are not willing to hire translators then they should state this when creating an account!

Isn’t it odd that they are a Freelance site and can’t get a document translated?

Alpari, a Forex company does this when creating an account they have Russian reading people on their staff, IBFX another Forex company from low and behold the same country as Australia also has staff to deal with foreign documents, WHY because they are a Global company.


So at this point I have satisfied Freelancers verification processes Correct?


Even after accepting all my previous documents AND reinstating my account they are back for more.

I made a withdrawal request last week to extract the last of my funds, 30.61$ I will not of course receive the .61 but anyway.

I made this request to my Payoneer Card Because Ukrainians CAN NOT withdrawal to a PAYPAL account. I tried this 3 years ago when I first opened the account.

Freelancer knows this BUT here is the explanation I received they other day as to why my account has been suspended AGAIN:


Thank you for your email.

Your account was suspended for security reasons, please explain why the details on your Freelancer account does not match with the details on your PayPal account. According to our Terms of service, users are prohibited from falsifying their identity.

If you wish to re-activate your account, please attach a clear scanned colored copy of your most recent valid ID (passport, drivers’ license or any ID issued by your government), a picture of you holding a paper with the verification word “FL654” and your ID. This is the sample of the photo that we need for verification:”

Since I am not requesting a withdrawal to PayPal, why are they checking this?

What difference does it make?

How do I know what details are different since I don’t have access to my Freelancer account?

Is it because I moved and changed the address on my Freelancer account but didn’t change it on a PayPal account I don’t use?

Do I even have access to that PayPal account, I have no Idea?

The fact is Freelancer for what ever reason seems to be targeting certain people who in my opinion they believe they can buffalo into giving up and than keeping the money.

Here is a post where if you count up what people say they have in their accounts it totals more than 2000$, and one Buyer says he had to do a charge back through his credit card because NON of the Providers he hired could bet paid via Freelancer.
( )

I have sent them a reply and now I am once again waiting for their reply. I have asked that they answer these questions before I will proceed:

1) I am attempting to withdrawal money to my Payoneer card which I have done many times before, how does this have anything to do with PayPal?

2) I have already provided ALL of the documents you are requesting PLUS a screen shoot of MY Payoneer account WHY are you asking for them again?

3) Please provide PROOF that I am hiding my identity has you are suggesting.


I will be closing my account after this is resolved. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE USE THIS SERVICE FOR ANY REASON WHAT SO EVER. (I am not yelling at you just talking loudly) has really hit rock bottom since being sold to Matt Barrie from Australia. I can not imagine that the site will improve as clearly they are looking for every opportunity to extract as much money from their customers as is possible.

Lisa, I see you are using an affiliate link to their site which I have also helped sign up buyers, one is a really good buyer who I have earned nice profits from, but since you seem to be trying to help Freelancers get started it would behoove you to not recommend the Freelance site as a starting point.

They just aren’t the same anymore, I should Never have to prove who I am more than once.

Best of Luck to All,


8 06 2011

Hi Gregory, wow long comment!
You have made some very good points in your post – thank you. I’ve never had to verify my ID for Freelancer as my account has never been suspended (and I live in the UK so it wouldn’t be too much of a problem if I did), but I do appreciate the frustration you and many others have experienced. I completely agree that as a global company. Freelancer should accept non-English ID since, as you say, many countries around the world, not just in Europe, do not have an English translation on their documents. At the very least they should clearly state this in the terms and conditions of registering an account so that people with non-English ID do not register. You also raise a good point that as “the world’s biggest freelancing site”, it cannot be difficult for Freelancer to get a few freelance translators in!!
I really hope you get your account problem resolved – good luck with that! – Freelancer customer support are not known for being very supportive! I’m not sure I agree that Freelancer deliberately bully people whom they think will give up, but I do think that on the whole, Freelancer is becoming far too big and making too much money for the small team to handle properly. Their customer service is particularly appalling since you never get a proper answer when you send a support ticket or use the live chat facility, and there is no other way to contact them!
Actually, I haven’t used Freelancer for a few months myself as I’ve been way too busy. I also recently completed a project for a client I’d previously worked for through Freelancer, who wanted to then hire me via Elance. It was my first time using Elance, and I must say it was very professional! I would certainly recommend it as an alternative to Freelancer.

14 07 2011

I was awarded a project. I have accepted the project and my balence became -25$ as project fees is deducted from my account. But soon after I accepted the project, the project status shows, the project is deleted. Why do the freelancer have to pay for the deleted project? When contacted the customer service I got the reply saying “Our project commission is an introduction fee. Once someone’s bid is selected and accepted, at that point email addresses and contact details are traded. It’s our part to introduce the two parties but the project’s success lies only between the employer and the service freelancer” How can they introduce a fraud to the freelancer and collect money from them??? This is another scam. If they allow some fraud projects to be posted, why do we use We can use some old way of getting the work and get cheated instead of paying commission to the

16 07 2011

I completely feel your pain, Nagaratna, and this issue is one of the only things about for which I think that Freelancer themselves are to blame. I’ve written a blog post specifically dealing with this issue, which I agree, is completely unfair to innocent providers – you can read it here. When I wrote that post, which was now some months ago, Freelancer assured me that they would soon be implementing a “compulsory milestone” feature, intended to protect providers from indecisive buyers. It seems that they haven’t yet done this and that is very disappointing indeed.

9 04 2012

Well, I honestly agree with them here. What if you decide to finish the deal outside once you both share contact information? This wouldn’t be fair to them so they should deduct the fee in the beginning. However, what’s not right is that once a project is deleted, they should return the money to you afterall. I can understand that they may think you both decided to let the employer delete the project so that your fee can be returned back to your account and you continue working outside. But in all honesty, there is no way you can figure out the true reason behind a deleted project. So freelancer should give you the money back for whatever reason it is. Any ways, not a lot of people will feel safe dealing outside of or other websites so wouldn’t lose much clients from this act.

11 04 2012

I have to face a similar problem. A project of worth $250 was awarded to me. I asked the employer to escrow 100% amount and than I accepted the project. Freelancer deduct $25 fee so far its ok. But later the employer ask me that he can not pay $250 and I have to do that project in $70. I inform this to freelancer people but they told me that because there escrow system is not mandatory they can not do anything. I have seen that the same employer has awarded the same project to another person and again he has not deposited escrow payement. It means employer can do whatever they want. After that I am very carefull in accepting projects awarded to me, now I wait the employer to deposit 100% money in the escrow system than I accept the project.

Freelancer just want to take there commission and they dont care about the coders and service providers although these people pay huge commissions to freelancer.

9 04 2012

I just don’t understand something….why would or any other company ask for IDs or hold payments of someone. The rules are simple: employer first put a verified payment way in his/her account, then post a project, the freelance also must have a verified payment way in his account, and then bid on the project. Once a freelancer is awarded the project and saw the milestone that they requested is in system, then they start work. Once they submit their work, the buyer releases the milestone to the freelancer. If the freelancer does not submit any work, the employer gets his money back and the freelancer receives a warning. If the buyer refuses to release the money, the company investigate the issue and see a proof from the freelancer that the work was sent and completed, and release the money manually once they see a proof of work was completed. However, the employer should have at least 5 days to check the work and decide whether to release it or send back for revisions or whatever.

Before a user can post or bid on project, they must have verified payment system in place. If they have that, why should the company ask for IDs and all this crap to verify? If any user does not follow the terms and conditions, they should receive a warning first time, and if done for the second time, his money should be released to him/her first and then be banned or suspended. And why the 15 day wait? Come on now.

11 07 2012

Hi all. I need some legal advice. Can you please tell me if has the right to ask for the ID? Where does it say that they have the right to do so? If not, can I take legal action against them on this matter? Thanks for helping me.

13 07 2012

I’m afraid I’m not a legal adviser or qualified to give legal advice, and in any case, if there are rules on this, I suspect they’ll be different in pretty much every country. Can any of my readers help? Does a company actually need the right to ask for ID?

17 07 2012
vm (@VickiMitchem)

do you know how i can delete my account? I never used it really just to see what it was all about. there must be an option? (i changed my name to F*** you freelancer, so maybe that would make them delete it for me!)

18 07 2012
31 07 2012

WORSE customer support + they are VERY well known for blocking/suspending peoples accounts and steal their money, and MOST of the people they are blocking have a pretty good amount of money in that moment in their account! Don’t use! The customer support, if it can be called like this is very unprofessional, I was normally asking them to help me and all I was receiving is a stupid copy-paste answer, I was replying again, and I received again the same copy-paste answer! The support said they can’t help me with my problem, but about 4-5 months ago I opened a ticked with EXACTLY the same issue and the guy helped me without any problems. Very rude and unprofessional staff!! I will not recommend to anybody, I will write in all the possible forums, twitter, facebook, youtube etc… I HATE!!!

4 10 2012


2 results:
1. Finally able to withdraw the balance of my deposit. They state you have to first withdraw the money online (via payment gateway and same currency as deposit), then manually email them to ask them to approve it (which is bullshit, but that is their excuse)

2. Finally got my exchange rate refund, charged -.1 off which equates to $70 for an exchange which I should of been charged bare minimum because rate I exchanged to was higher!


Ok, so i wrote to customer service titled “ATTENTION MANAGER – LETTER OR DEMAND – SUBJECT – ACCC

1. Situation
2. Why you are correct
3. Evidence to support (emails etc, or pretend you have)
4. Result if they don’t give in –
You threaten them by stating you will write to the ACCC,by attaching all emails and evidence
Threaten to expose them via forums and facebook

They will likely give you some bullshit link to their terms and conditions about how they are right, even though it’s not in the page.. OR they will simply try to state you are wrong. Just persist, stick with you’re argument and say you are just about to contact ACCC.

4 10 2012

As with many other people, my account got “limited” with earned money still on the balance. requested my ID documents, and I, in responce, asked them to give me any information about their verification process, or how long and how will my private data be stored. They simply ignored this request and copy-pasted same reply again: “Please submit a submit a scanned colored copy of your passport.”

I;m not giving my ID to a random person on the internet. So.. I guess, good luck I’m out.

18 05 2014

hey lisa,
there is problem with freelancer, why my bid count become less whenever a project get deleted, must be recover that lost bid if any project is deleted on which i have bid.
and other thing, whenever freelancer made a mistake you say oh site should correct it. and whenever a user made a mistake then you say should read their agreement. [why freelancer hold their money].
even some other services don’t have such security system which freelancer is asking for verification.

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