Freeklancer 2: How not to become a teacher

11 10 2010

A while ago I blogged about a post that made me chuckle (see “Freelancer, fo’ shizzle“), and today I find another example that made me Laugh Out Loud…and immediately reach for the Report Violation button…

Lesson Plans Assignment

I need someone to help me complete my assignment in my Training and Assesment course. This project will be best suited to someone from an Education background or someone who is also studying in the Education field.

I require Tasks 1 to 4 of the attached Learning Plan to be completed. Please refer to the attached files for details.

For Task 4 you will be required to write a Lesson Plan of your own choice. I wish this Lesson Plan to be written as an ‘Introduction to Photoshop’. As a guide you can use this website for Task 4:

This subject has a online portal which has details to help you complete Tasks 1 to 3. I will give the log on details to the winning bidder.

If you have any questions please ask.

As a former teacher and someone that works in academic publishing, I absolutely abhor this type of so-called “academic project” whereby students request someone to complete a college or university assignment for them, in exchange for money. Alternatively, sometimes people request academics to write college-level essays that are then submitted to an “essay bank” from which students can pay for and download an assignment to “use for research purposes” (i.e., copy and submit as their own). It’s not right or fair, and it completely devalues the whole academic system if someone can pass a degree or a diploma simply by handing over cash to get someone else to write the project for them. While you might escape plagiarism charges on a technicality, it’s still cheating – something that universities and colleges take very seriously. Lots of people work hard for the qualifications – I know I damn well did – so it really angers me to see this kind of project on, and what’s worse is that people actually bid on these projects!!

With this post though, I really had to laugh at the irony of it: the student in question is taking a “Training and Assessment” course, and the project is to complete lesson plans in teaching computer skills. In other words, this person is studying to become a teacher. What a great role model for his students, eh?!




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