Are white homosexual men still taking too many HIV risks?

9 09 2010

This controversial press release that I wrote for the open access journal BMC Infectious Diseases looks at a study carried out in Belgium in which researchers used genetic profiling to link “clusters” of people infected with the same strain of HIV. Their results showed that the largest clusters of HIV infection, i.e. those people who had all been infected by the same strain of the virus, indicating relationships between the people within the cluster, were made up of young, white, homosexual men. In other words, it seems that of all the people with HIV, it is this group who are most likely to infect others.

This findng points worryingly at the idea that despite education and the wide availability of barrier contraception, gay men – in Belgium at least – are still taking too many risks when it comes to their sexual behaviour.

Read the press release at EurekAlert: Are white homosexual men still taking too many HIV risks?

Read the original article at BMC Infectious Diseases: Epidemiological study of phylogenetic transmission clusters in a local HIV-1 epidemic reveals distinct differences between subtype B and non-B infections

And some of the media sources that picked up the story:




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