A Cure for HIV could be all in the “Mix”

23 08 2010

A press release that I recently wrote for BioMed Central describing a potential new lead in the quest to cure HIV has now been released. The study, published in the open access journal AIDS Research and Therapy, describes successful experiments carried out by researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to eradicate HIV from cultured cells. Rather than trying to remove integrated HIV genes from human DNA, the team have discovered that by effectively “over-infecting” cells with HIV, with the help of a mixture of peptides dubbed “Mix”, programmed cell death is induced due to genomic instability. Though this is clearly a very early stage of investigation, the findings suggest an exciting new approach towards discovering a cure for this devastating disease.

Read the press release at Eureka: A Cure for HIV could be all in the Mix

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    3 responses

    23 08 2010
    Devaraj Muralidharan

    Dear Lisa A Martin,

    Thank You!

    As one who worked closely with people from Zambia andTtanzania affected with AIDS while working on a Project in Tamilnadu,Iindia, i found ur article absorbing and informative. After seeing their sufferings, it really gladdens my heart!

    Your piece on the cure for HIV was indeed interesting!

    Any cure for diabetes?

    23 08 2010

    Thank you very much for the comment, I’m glad you liked the article! It’s important to remember that this isn’t a cure for HIV *yet* – the eradication of HIV has so far only been shown in cells grown in dishes in the lab and clinical trials in humans are still at least years away. However it does show that research in this area is making progress. Already HAART therapy slows down the progress of the disease so that, to those with access to these drugs, HIV is more of a chronic illness than the certain death sentence it once was, but research findings like this do give some hope that one day we may be able to cure HIV/AIDS. As for Diabetes, I’m not sure on the latest research in this area but I’m now interested to find out so maybe I’ll write a piece about this soon 🙂

    24 11 2010

    Hi babe!

    Truly excited tonight. Italian scientists have developed the vaccine to cure HIV infected, and now in the progress of finding commercial partner to market this treatment.

    It’s ‘No More AIDS’.

    I have done a Notice in my blog about it. Whow~! Big big news! So I am sharing it.

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