Freelancer, fo’ shizzle

17 08 2010

Much in the spirit of Freakcycle, one of my favourite blogs that posts hilarious requests advertised on the popular exchange network Freecycle, I came across a job listing on Freelancer today that made me LOL so much that I have decided to share it with you. Most of the time, I LMAO about the cheek of obvious scammers, spammers and shammers, but this time the listing seems to be a genuine, albeit unusual and comical request. Who knows, this may become a regular “Freaklancer” feature! Anyway, here’s the ad…

need pimp voice over job (you must be a PIMP)

need a character for a pimp website. so i’m searching for all the pimps out there… if you kinda sound like snoop dog that’d be great. not sure what a pimp sounds like but maybe we’ll find one.

just need a paragraph read…. (like a pimp)




3 responses

11 10 2010
Freaklancer 2: How not to become a teacher « Lisa A. Martin

[…] 11 10 2010 A while ago I blogged about a post that made me chuckle (see “Freelancer, fo’ shizzle“), and today I find another example that made me Laugh Out Loud…and immediately reach […]

29 11 2010

Hey Lisa, Thanks for the love. I have to say that I always loved the pimp voice. Very influential, would probably make me do just about anything…except ho myself out.

29 11 2010

Haha, no problem! 🙂

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