The Science Bit…concentrate!

18 05 2010

When I was employed by BioMed Central, I got involved with writing for the staff magazine, The Word. I inherited a column called “Now You Know…” from a colleague who had left, in which I interviewed each department in turn by asking them silly questions such as “If your department was a cocktail, what would you be?”, and “If you could have super powers, what would would you have and why?”. The column sadly ran its course and by the time I left the company to become self-employed, I’d finished interviewing every department in the company. However, since I still have regular freelance work with BioMed Central, I was asked to continue writing for The Word (hurray!), and came up with the ingeniously titled, “The Science Bit”. You see, for a biomedical publishing company, the staff magazine was completely devoid of any science, so I decided to put that right! I’ve been given the go ahead by the magazine’s editor to publish the column on my blog as well, although I won’t do this until BioMed staff have had a chance to see it. Nevertheless, keep ’em peeled for some (hopefully!) interesting articles coming this way!

FYI, if *I* was a cocktail, I’d be a spiced dark rum and coke, and my chosen super power would be the ability to teleport.




2 responses

19 05 2010
Geoff Jackson

I’ve always wanted to teleport, that would be one of the best super powers I reckon… Currently however, I would love the ability to freeze time due to my workload, now that would be good! 🙂

19 05 2010

I hear that Geoff!!

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