Fearless fish forget their phobias

25 03 2010

A press release that I wrote has now been released – my second fish-related press release in fact. I hope I’m not being typecast…

Researchers at the University of Hiroshima have discovered that goldfish injected with lidocaine into their cerebella seem to be able to override classical conditioning that makes their non-drugged-up friends afraid of a flash of light. This research sheds more light on why – and more importantly how – we develop fears and phobias. The EurekAlert version is here: Fearless fish forget their phobias

A quick scout about on the interweb reveals that the story has been picked up by quite a few media sources too, including 3 national newspapers, so that’s exciting! Here’s the article (or paraphased article) at:

  • The Daily Mail
  • The Mirror
  • The Telegraph
  • Science Oxford Online
  • Lab Spaces
  • ScienceCentric
  • ScienceDaily.com
  • …and more!




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    8 04 2010
    Woah there! « Lisa A. Martin

    […] a science writer and editor and have written some splendid material about osteoporosis research, goldfish and cosmetic surgery to name but a few, as well being available for all your scientific […]

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